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Athas is a world scarred by the sins of its prior denizens, and shackled by those whom wield that which poisons the world further. Those who inhabit it now struggle to live, or toil under the oppressive rule of the Sorcerer-Kings. Hope is a virtue long lost, though with the fall of Kalak and the freeing of Tyr, perhaps it shall find its way back into the hearts of the Athasian people. The Sorcerer-Kings struggle to keep the truth about the free city concealed, for hope is not malleable enough to be bent to their wills - but a few shall soon see the truth, as they approach Tyr on a caravan through the desert. Whether they seek to spread the freedom throughout Athas, snuff it out for good, or simply do whichever best expands their wealth and power, their destiny awaits them. Welcome to Dark Sun: The Tears of Guthay.

It is currently Day 8 of the Month of Gather; the Season of Sun Descending; the Year of Priest's Defiance.

The party is currently fifteen miles out from the City of Tyr, in the Tyr region.

Quests and People[edit]

List of NPCs and organizations.
List of quests.


  • Playing with D&D 4E rules!
  • This is a heavy role-play game - create backgrounds for your characters, and expect me to involve/invoke them!
  • Characters are generated with basic rules: 22 pt buy, level 1, 100g to start with, and character themes are enabled as per the Dark Sun Campaign Setting handbook (and relevant sources.) See chapter 3.
  • Characters are receiving double the normal experience points so that they may progress faster. You may only level up after a short rest, and enter a higher level tier (paragon, epic) after an extended rest.
  • Fixed Enhancement Bonuses are enabled (p. 209.) Due to the scarcity of magic items in Dark Sun, you get automatic benefits as your level up, though magic items supersede them should you find and equip any.
  • Reckless Breakage enabled (p. 122.) When you roll a natural 1 on the attack roll with a nonmetal weapon, you can opt either to miss and not risk breaking your weapon, or reroll - regardless of the result of the reroll, your weapon breaks after the attack is resolved. Metal weapons obey the same rules, except they don't break on a roll of 6 or higher during a reroll. Metal Armor Overheating is also enabled. (p. 119.)

Player Characters[edit]

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  • Aries, Zieg's Level 1 Example Example