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"Abashed the Devil stood, and saw how awful goodness is."


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  • Location: Nevada
  • Name:


The Second Impact. For years, humans have struggled to return to a sense of normalcy, Meanwhile the UN consolidated power to prevent MAD warring. No one knew exactly what happened that caused the Second Impact - or at least, no one said they did. With vague promises of rebuilding and preventing a recurrence of this disaster, a few bases were formed under the division NERV. Located in roughly 'equal' territories across the globe, their purpose was dubious. However videos began showing up of large constructs, machines bigger than any previous attempted. And then more footage of creatures. Like Bigfoot, usually blurry or shaky cameras. Mostly passed around as a sort of shock video or conspiracy theory. Until they were confirmed and discussed at a public UN conference. Now, there are teams are defending the world against horrors which assault it for no reason.

One team takes roots in Las Vegas Nevada. The desert has taken a significant change since the Second Impact. Much of the state is covered in what would pass as Rainforest, lush, heavy greenery, and is in covered in a constant downpour of rain. The city is still alight with the casinos and hotels however, still managing to thrive. Since the type of defense had now been confirmed, stepping forward to give mankind some needed hope, one of the Units was made somewhat of a celebrity. The Steel Phoenix, bright and shining beacon of hope and strength, became the known defender of Las Vegas, along with the other Units.


Captain Benjamin S. Churchill/Operations Director[edit]

Cpt. Churchill
Cpt. Churchill

Safara/Pilot 01[edit]

[[File:|thumb|alt=Unit 01|Unit 01]]

Sebastian T. Gray/Pilot 02[edit]

[[File:|thumb|alt=Unit 02|Unit 02]]

Character Name: Sebastian T. Gray
Gender: Male
Height: 6'0"
Age: 13 (DoB: 03/15/2001)

At a young age, Sebastian never got along with the other children. He was bigger, stronger, and faster than them. His father never really helped, always pushing him around, treating him like dirt. A military man, his father had high expectations of his son, even at an early age, and when those weren’t met, the discipline would be harsh, and swift. So he lashed out at the other kids, anyone and anything smaller than him. Eventually he pushed too far, beating another kid to a coma, and actions had to be taken.

He was sent to reform school, with people more like him. Not as many people he could push around, which of course didn’t stop him.His outbursts and tantrums got him noticed, while his test scores and abilities simply impressed those around him. Eventually the right people noticed, and he was shipped off to another camp, it’s location and name unknown.

His training regime became stricter, more challenging, and he was put under mental tests, psychological counseling, and other ‘experimental’ tests. The training did help him to focus his anger, as did the hours of training, physical condition, and multiple simulations mold him into a superior fighter and pilot in virtually all forms,. His psychological tests, which were hoped to quell his aggression some, simply instilled a sense of paranoia in him and distrust.

Isabel De Burgh/Pilot 03[edit]

[[File: |thumb|alt=Isabel|Isabel]] [[File: |thumb|alt=Unit 03|Unit 03]]

Kyle Summers/Pilot 05[edit]

[[File:|thumb|alt=Unit 05|Unit 05]]

Supporting Cast[edit]



In charge of the operations at the Nevada Nerv base. She's known as a crazy, strong-minded Russian, that will crush your body and consume your soul.

Doctor Markus[edit]

Captain Smith[edit]




  • Appearance: Large, quick, and cat-like, Aariel was spotting running across the open lands outside of Las Vegas.
  • Tactics:
  • Death:


  • Appearance: Jophiel appeared, making its way into the city of Mercury, a giant hexagonal pyramid-like creature, on long spindly legs. Atop its body, were floating core-like appendages, that turned out to be fakes. Its core was located in the main part of its body. The main body was diamond hard, glass-like, and reflective like a mirror. Pilots mentioned seeing reflections of themselves, rather than their Units, when approaching Jophiel.
  • Tactics: Jophiel made use of energy weapons, coming from its fake cores above its body. As well, it had natural defenses, it seemed it could reflect back the damage it received upon the attacker.
  • Death:


  • Appearance: Kemuel appeared from above, dropping down out of the sky, through the clouds, an enormous black orb. The orb appeared to be part of its AT field, and after being neutralized, the body of Kemuel was shown. Enormous, hulking, insectoid, and heavily armoured. Bone carapace plating covered near all of its body, and multiple eyes peered off its head. Its core was hidden inside its bulky body.
  • Tactics: Kemuel attacked first with Angelspawn, sending them down from the heavens, one even crashing into the base and into the cage room. One those were neutralized, it came down itself, and though immensly slow, it used its great strength to slam its long, barbed arms into the Units.
  • Death: Kemuel died in massive explosion, its core shattered apart by the bullets from Isabel's pallet rifle. Though a massive explosion, it caused little damage to the Units.


  • Appearance: A wave of sea life rushing out of the water, beaching themselves on land, committing acts of suicide, all to make way and stay out of the path as the Leviathan emerged from the watery depth off the west coast. Towering high in the air, it breathed liquid fire on all those still on the beach, turning the coastline into a scene of glassy horror.
  • Tactics: Leviathan made use of its AT Field to fly above land, swimming through the air, and breathing liquid fire from above. Once grounded, it attempted to crush the Units in its mouth.
  • Death: Leviathan erupted into flame, its body burning away to a black husk.

Undead Angel[edit]

  • Appearance: The undead angel took form first of a haunted base, its whole being seemed to inhabit the compound. It then started to bring forth apparitions and apparitions of undead Evas.
  • Tactics: The undead angel used its skeletal Evas to attack the pilots.
  • Death: The whole base itself shook from the ground, a giant angelic figure raising from it. The was a bright flash, and the whole compound vanished.


  • Appearance: The Archangel appeared during the testing of some new technology, engulfing the base by surprise in a Dirac Sea. The Archangel itself resembled a massive Eva.
  • Tactics: Using the Dirac Sea to disable the whole base, the Archangel managed to catch everyone off-guard. In combat it attacked with lightning and physical attacks, as well as mimicking the attacks of the Evas.
  • Death: After sustaining heavy damage from Unit 02, the pilot of Unit 05 managed to land a lucky shot, finishing the Angel off as it crumpled to the ground. Though, all this was too late, as Third Impact had begun.


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