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Oh my God this is so terrible Blastcage 16:56, 25 June 2010 (UTC)

Hope you don't mind I did some tinkering on it when I moved it. --NotBrandX 18:38, 25 June 2010 (UTC)

Some ideas[edit]

Spoiler.gifThis article contains spoilers! You have been warned.
  • The angels attacking Toronto don't have S2 engines/organs. Instead they're using bits of another technology (mentioned below) to erect the AT-Fields needed to individuate themselves in this reality . The engine/organ is stronger in some ways to the S2, but weaker in others; the shape they assert when individuated overlaps a little with the collective subconcious of the local population -- thus, these angels are instantiating as local deities and mythological creatures. Instead of Gainax wanking about the Kabbalah, the Canadian version of Gainax (Nelvana Films?) can wank wank wank about Jungian psychology.
  • Now, if the CN Tower *was* Michael's Sword, that would be an awesome episode #20 reveal. Just look at it: top part is a handle, observation deck is the hilt, it widens at the base like a scimitar. The great big MacGuffin is "hiding in plain sight," and you can get this awesome show of an EVA doing a sword-from-the-stone scene. You can foreshadow this by having the CN Tower survive a direct hit for no good reason.
    • EVA units are 40m tall (or 80m in the 'Rebuilt' movies). CN Tower is 553m tall. How're you gonna use that as a sword? The Spear of Longinous is twice as long as Unit00 is tall, and Rei launched that at escape velocity straight vertical, and you're bitching about THIS? Fine. The real CN Tower is a hollow hexagon (where the alt elevators are, and the plumbing for the tower's 2.7 megalitre (600 gallon) per minute fire suppression systems). Suspend the Sword in there all magic-like, even have a "gonna show you something secret" scene where the PCs travel underground to a secret location and see the Sword suspended in a hexagonal chimney with machinery travelling up and down. The CN tower is invulnerable to angel attacks, but when an EVA unit beats on it the tower can snap ("roll to see if it falls into the Lake, or onto the city"). The hilt will be revealed all deux-ex-machina like, and you still get your "sword from the stone" scene. Alternately, the top 102m of the tower (above the 2nd higher observation deck) is all metal radio antenna, which could be just aluminum wrapped around the Sword.
  • NERV is rev-enginering the Sword to make weapons like the Progressive Knife -- that's the secret you give away for free. SEELE knows that Michael's Shield is somewhere nearby and they're secretly searching for it -- that's the secret you give away early. SEELE & NERV believe that the presence of Michael's Shield in Toronto is why the city seems to be protected and resistant to angel's attacks. NERV believes if the shield could be found and rev-engineered like the sword, it would make EVAs invulnerable -- that's the secret you give away if the players work at it. Both SEELE and NERV are dead wrong. The truth is that Michael's shield was shattered a long time ago, and the human-sized shield that SEELE acquired (and hid from NERV, and SEELE lost in Toronto) isn't the entire shield, but just piece. SEELE noticed that it seems to work best in Toronto, in proximity to the Sword, and can be used to erect a personal invulnerable AT-Field. The "oh shit, everything we knew is wrong" secret you use for pulling the rug out from under your players is when one of the EVA units manages to kill an angel before it can self-destruct (berzerker cannibal scene, anyone?) and they discover (and probably won't recognize) the enigmatic shield fragment where it's S2 organ should be. SEELE will shit their collective pants when they find out there's a second Michael's Shield, and send black-ops to covertly retrieve it (pitting the PCs against what they think are NERV special agents)(paranoia paranoia ha ha ha).
    • So if Michael's Shield can only make a one-person or one-angel AT-Field, why does Toronto seem "protected and resistant?"' Here's the secret you only reveal in interviews after the series is over: it's not the shield protecting the city, but presence of so much of the remaining human population in one place and near the scary-as-fuck Michael's Sword. Everyone's AT-Fields are usually just enough to keep people seperate from each other, but everyone subconsciously (Jungian psychology again!) can sense the presence of Michael's Sword. Just as Michael's Sword was used to keep the first humans out of Eden/paradise (when we were all a perfect one; the sword keeps humans out of LCL Eden by terrorizing them), the presence of the sword is making everyone's AT-fields twitch and spazz, making the citizens of Toronto even more separated from each other. This reveals itself at many levels, from as low as individual people and buildings being more resistant to angel attacks, fewer fatalities, to the high and abstract levels of the city braking into cultural ghettos and the constant fighting and "us versus them" arguments in city hall, and the difficult and doomed relationships between EVA pilots. So long as Michael's Sword is in Toronto, humans will be more and more driven to stay apart from each other as their AT-Fields react by getting stronger and bristling at any touch. If the Sword is removed though, the city and it's 1/3rd of Earth's remaining population will be wiped out in the next angel attack. This will explain why everything goes to hell in episodes 23 & 24 when the city was able to stand up to anything for the previous 22 episodes; after the sword is damaged / thrown into orbit / being used as an EVA weapon instead of staying in the dirt, the population finally relaxes, starts cooperating, and lets their shields down. (Hey, it's Evangeleon -- we aren't allowed happy endings here.)
    • So what does Michael's Shield actually do? It can be used to safely enclose the Sword, so that everyone can finally relax and drop their AT-Fields entirely, allowing humanity to return to the paradise that is Eden and "all is one" (exactly the same ending as the original Evangeleon). Only one person at SEELE/NERV knows this secret... and it's someone the players least suspect! (dun dun DUUUN!)
  • I see the Toronto angels as agents of God, a God who has forgiven humanity its sins, and wants to take the Sword away it is causing humanity pain and fear. This God doesn't acknowledge human individuals, since the individuation of life on Earth into separate entities (the ejection from Eden) is an aberration caused by the absolute terror. Thus, the angels descend into this reality from some non-Euclidian space, use a fragment of what's left of "Michael's Shield" to protect themselves against the Sword's terror(*), take on a form that is compatible with the local reality, and set upon their work caring nothing for the death of individual people (like skin cells, really) or destruction of what people built. Humanity, being so terrified for millennia that it broke apart into billions of split-personalities, is neurotically clutching that painful thing ever closer to it's chest -- humanity defends the Sword, even uses it to defend itself, and sees the death of it's individual personalities as a Very Bad Thing. The M. Night Shyamalan tweeest is realizing the sociopaths that murder indiscriminately to sabotage NERV's efforts are actually IN THE RIGHT, vis-a-vis God and life on Earth as a single LCL entity.
(*: hmmm, what if the angels haven't finished their task yet, but they're out of Shield fragments? They'd have to send an angel in without protection against the Sword, so that angel would probably fragment or reduce to something that looks very human-like... (hello Kaworu!) Or maybe, maybe, maybe they sent an angel in first without a Shield fragment, and the angel freaked out so badly it forgot that it is not human... "you're not like other kids, are you Rei?..." :3 )

notes from the creator[edit]

holy shit, you took my fingerpainting and turned it into the mona lisa...thank you, thank you so much(no homo)

stuff from the creator[edit]

alright, so i like the idea of everyones messed up AT fields causing a lot of the animosity between the cultures/races(lets just say people from the same area when the impact happened arent affected). should i houserule that for this setting, everyone MUST take a predijuice drawback? elric225

Everyone is racists is a really dreadful idea Blastcage 15:49, 27 June 2010 (UTC)
in a world where peoples mothers are taken and ???? into giant fighting cyborgs, it doesnt sound that suprising...also, isnt evangelion kind of grimdark anyway?elric225
It's not about racism; it's about people making themselves isolated, and they make themselves get lonely (hello Shinji!), and confusing their fear of others as fear of what's different than them. The factions, tribes and ghettoes are people banding together to fend off their own loneliness and paranoia, but so long as the Sword is around to keep people's terror stimulated, even these factions will disintegrate, as the individuals of any group push away from each other, disintegrating like liquid evaporating into gas, until the city falls into a social-heat-death of everyone living like hermits (although civic order will fall into anarchy long before that). This creeping Call of Cthulhu type of subconscious terror should be subtle, though -- it's the explanation why Toronto is grimdark, but the PCs are the heroes of the story, so they could be imported from somewhere far enough away they weren't affected by the sword (hello, Asuka!), or they should be the destined ones who can overcome it... ... ... or finally push it over the edge. (also: mind control of PCs makes players very VERY unhappy.)