Canoness Selena Agna

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Canoness Selena Agna in Dawn of War: Soulstorm

Selena Agna is the Canoness of the Sisters of Battle Order of the Sacred Rose, stationed in the Kaurava System. One of the playable characters in the vidya gaem Dawn of War: Soulstorm (Hell, she's in the cover), she leads her forces from Kaurava I, purging and burning the enemies of man in GLORIOUS flames and righteous zeal.

Apparently, purging the enemies of man means killing anything that is loyal to man, seeing as the not only the Imperial Guard, but even the Space Marines are on the PURGE WITH FIRE list because lol vidya word of the Blood Raven's heretical actions on Kronus had made its way to the Inquisition thanks to the report of Lukas Alexander, and considering that Selena thought that everyone in the system was corrupted and in need of purging, the Blood Raven's presence in the system was tantamount to a confirmation of them being traitors in her eyes. Regardless of what way you choose to interpret the Kaurava conflict, she was defeated.

However, in some endings she fairs better than others. Some like to think she faked her death to the Imperial Guard, and has been a part of Stubb's harem, as opposed to getting krumped by some smelly Ork. Like every character in the game, she has little actual character development, and is unironically the weakest primary hero in the game in what is likely the weakest faction in the game. When ordered to attack, she will march up to said enemy and deal a load of knockback damage. While nice against swarm armies, this ultimately means nothing, as this damage has nothing on heavy hitters like the Force Commander, Necron Lord, or Chaos Lord. Even the Imperial Guard Command Squad; a unit that she should in theory be effective against, considering the Command Squad is a swarmy unit that can never become immune to knockback like the other commanders; will win in a fight against her, but considering that this is Vance Motherfucking Stubbs we're talking about this really shouldn't be a surprise.

That is not to say she is utterly useless. She is primarily a support hero, and while this is dumb as balls, you can use her as a character sniper with her Infernot pistol, and multiple Sisters Superior with Inferno Pistols plus the Cannoness WILL mess up any hero's day. She also has her acts of faith that can be useful for extra manpower and dealing damage to attacking enemy units.

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