Canoness Superior Junith Eruita

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Lo, Heretics, you are late for mass! Come, partake in our mandatory communion of promethium!

Canoness Superior Junith Eruita is one of the new characters for the Adeptus Sororitas' Codex in 8th edition. She's quickly caught a lot of eyes, bringing some of the flavor of chariots back from 6th edition. The Iron Warriors tried to kill her by dropping a temple on her head; this failed, and she turned the temple's rubble into her own personal Nunmobile, complete with guns.

Also, her haircut is a reference to Joan of Arc (or Jeanne d'Arc in french), but then again her whole faction is one big Joan of Arc reference.


Junith was an orphan picked up by the Schola after the Gethsephone Massacre and taken in by the Order of our Martyred Lady. As you can expect in a 40k backstory the records state she was noticed as a prodigy early by the instructors, both for her skill with a flamer and for her incredibly faithful Rage (think Ortan Cassius after the Tyrannic Wars, but in the body of a teenage girl). As a Celestian she was involved in a vicious war against the Iron Warriors, where the Sisters were tricked into taking cover in a basilica that the Iron Warriors then shelled and collapsed. Junith alone survived, crawling almost unharmed from the rubble onto a blessed pulpit of Saint Holline. The Sisters reinforcements arrived to drive back the Chaos Marines and see Junith miraculously alive. Junith Eruita decided this miracle was one to keep around, and had the pulpit excavated from the broken basilica and weaponized into her floaty space pope throne.


As an HQ of the new Sisters of Battle Codex, Junith Eruita is a very interesting model. First off, the fact that it's a flying vehicle that moves 10" already gives it quite a lot of movement, which it will need considering the need of the current SoB meta to run straight at the enemies to unload melta goodness. A rosarius that grants 4++ save is quite good alright, which will be needed considering that T4 and W7 is nothing that most current armies can't deal with, having a bad time dealing with snipers that could hurt her early on. You can always surround her with infantry and vehicles so that the enemy is limited to the snipers, but sometimes the snipers get lucky (a single squad of Eliminators can pretty much put her down if her invulnerable saves fail her, but that's what you have your miracle dice for). But its real value is the buffs for nearby Order of our Martyred Lady sororitas. Her first aura grants re-rolls of 1 for hitting and wounding to all Order of our Martyred Lady units around her, which is great considering how dependent the SoB are on melta-spam (if you go with flamer-spam, not so much, but hey, melta is probably more viable). The second aura effect is only for INFANTRY, but it grants an extra +1 to the Shield of Faith invulnerable saves of nearby units, up to a maximum of 4++. Since it stacks with the native bonus that Seraphim and Zephyrim have, Eruita works well with them - if only Our Martyred Lady was good at using them, or Junith were Bloody Rose...

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