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Original Gangsterâ„¢
Canoness Veridyan is the canoness from John Blanche's cover art for the second edition Sisters of Battle codex. She looks like Lady Gaga and has little-to-no fluff to speak of, but is described as being cold, calculating, and utterly steadfast in her devotion. So basically, she's Rule 63 Kyrinov.

Her model was released in tandem with Codex: Imperial Agents, making her the first new Sister of Battle model in over 10 years. While the model itself is nicely detailed and oozes character, her rules were a bit underwhelming. Weighing in at 85 points, she was identical to a standard Canoness, albeit with a power sword and the Clinical Precision rule, which gave all friendly Adepta Sororitas models within 12" of her the Precision Shots and Precision Strikes special rules. While this wasn't bad by any means, the fact that she was a T3 model without a rosarius or Eternal Warrior left her extremely vulnerable to plasma and it's equivalents. If you wanted to bring her, your best bet was to plant her next to some exorcists and chuckle as you sniped enemy characters and specialists with S8 AP1 shots from 48" away. She also works well as a model to represent a canoness of your own design. As of 8th Edition, she no longer has up-to-date rules, so this is really your only option barring some other possibilities.


If GW won't give her 8th edition rules, we will! Also available in PDF!


Power Points M WS BS S T W A Ld Sv
Canoness Veridyan: 3 55 6" 2+ 2+ 3 3 5 4 9 3+/4++

Canoness Veridyan is a single model armed with a bolt pistol, power sword, frag grenades, and krak grenades. Only one of this model may be included in your army.

Weapons: Range Type S AP D Abilities
Bolt pistol 12" Pistol 1 4 0 1 -
Power sword Melee Melee User -3 1 -
Frag Grenades 6" Grenade D6 3 0 1 -
Krak Grenades 6" Grenade 1 6 -1 D3 -


Acts of Faith, Shield of Faith (see pg 78-79 of Chapter Approved 2018)
  • Clinical Precision: At the start of your Shooting phase, select a friendly ORDER OF OUR MARTYRED LADY unit within 6" of Canoness Veridyan. For the remainder of the Shooting phase, that unit can target an enemy CHARACTER even if it is not the closest enemy unit.
  • Lead the Righteous: You can re-roll all hit rolls of 1 for friendly ORDER OF OUR MARTYRED LADY units within 6" of Canoness Veridyan.
  • Rosarius: Canoness Veridyan has a 4+ invulnerable save.



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