Canoptek Acanthrite

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Like Wasps, these things are a fucking nightmare to deal with.

Canoptek Acanthrite are flying Necron constructs that look more like a Wasp than anything else. They are murderous machines armed with a tail-based hyper-phased Voidblade that allows it to easily slice through molecular bonds and disintegrate foes where they stand and a high-powered Thermal Cutting Beam which is capable of firing a short range, highly-concentrated beam of thermic energy that can slice apart the toughest of materials essentially making them into a much more focused and deadlier Melta weapon. This makes them a close combat specialist and a bane to all flyers and tanks out there.

Canoptek Acanthrites are often encountered in the vanguard of Necron attacks and extermination campaigns against lesser races, and their numbers vary from army to army. They are capable of stripping a city down to rubble and slaughtering its inhabitants in a merciless tide of destruction.

When they were first released, Acanthrites were bemused with a torrent of moaning and bitching from non-Necron players. "You gave the Crons another anti-tank unit that is a flyer!? At T5, 3+ save, melta guns, 3W each, rending, jump pack infantry, for only 45 points a model!? FUCKEN CHEESE!" was the most common complaint. Seriously, the Crons have so many anti-tank and dedicated tank hunters you wonder how a faction such as the Sisters of Battle or Orks, you know, factions who are in dire need of some heavy armor would actually survive any encounter with them. At the very least with the Dark Eldar, their dark matter weaponry and void weaponry hits like a fucking truck and can make Necron players cry when used properly despite not having any armor at all. Of course with the change of flyers and the nerfing of the Heldrake, the Acanthrite too was slightly nerfed, but not by much.

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