Canoptek Plasmacyte

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AwesomeWTF.gifThis article contains something which makes absolutely no logical sense, such as Nazi Zombie Mercenaries, Fucking Space Orangutans, anything written by a certain Irish leper or Robin Crud-ace, Matt Ward creating (against all odds) a codex that isn't completely broken on every level. If you proceed, consider yourself warned.

A very unique and interesting Necron unit in that it lacks any form of conventional weapons.

While they themselves are fairly harmless machines, Plasmacytes can use their Monomolecular Proboscis to inject an infectious, sentient energy into members of the Destroyer Cult. This hateful substance heightens their nihilistic insanity and drives their mindless annihilation to even further heights. How and why the Necrons sanctions such blatant Heresy, we have no fucking idea.

So in simple layman's term, they are a bunch of walking heroin dispensers injecting T-800s with murder steroids. It is not the most...practical of solutions given the fact that the Destroyer Virus isn't a nice thing for Necrons as a whole... but it doesn't get applied except to Necrons who have already gone full Destroyer so it's not quite as stupid as it seems. It's not like they're going to get more insane, right? Right? (This is asking for disaster as badly as a veteran cop telling the rookie that he's retiring next week, but hey, maybe this is a different genre. Probably not, though.)


On the tabletop, its profile is suitably puny for such a small support unit, but not as much as you might expect. With S4 T5 1W Sv4+, it's not quite the puniest thing on the table, and it even gets AP-1 on its single attack. But that's of course not why you take it - instead, it's because it allows you to inject space robot steroids into your <DESTROYER> units.

For the rest of the turn, they get one extra strength and one extra attack, which can go a long way with how murdery Ophydian Destroyers and Skorpekh Destroyers are. There is one downside of course: you roll a D6 and on a 1, one model you tried to dope is destroyed. It's on you to make that calculation. Or maybe you just are a gambling man.

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