Car Lesbians

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Car Lesbians cover

Car Lesbians is a femsploitation racing game created by 4chan's /tg/ board. The basic premise is that you have a car and you are a lesbian (these combining the two main loves of most men into one superform). You must drive around in your car and make out with other lesbians. Characters have two stats: Hotness and Car. These act as dice pools of d6s for opposed rolls or general skill checks; 4s and 5s count as one success each, 6s count as two successes, and every die that rolls a 1 is -1 success.

All conflicts are settled through either high-speed races or tense make-out sessions. The game features a fully-functional racing system, rules for creating NPC members of your pit crew, and dozens of random events to spice up the race. The book is 20 pages cover-to-cover and is illustrated throughout.

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