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Like Flak Armour, but marginally more useful.

Not to be confused with Carapace Armour

A Carapace is the dorsal section of any exoskeleton or shell of an animal. In the pony-infested wonderland of the 41st Millennium, the Carapace is an upgrade for the Tyranids from the more baseline and common Chitin. Despite sharing the same name as Carapace Armour, Tyranid Carapace has defensive stats more akin to Flak Armour. This is not to be underestimated mind you, as Carapace is part of a Nid's biology, they could heal overtime and regenerate any damage taken.


Carapace currently comes in two forms. The first is called Extended Carapace. An Extended Carapace is a Tyranid Biomorph. It forms when a Tyranid's carapace has grown and extended overtime to cover the few vulnerable areas they have. Genestealers are the most common 'wearers' of these armour types.

The second one is called Hardened Carapace. Hardened Carapace is another type of Tyranid Biomorph. The creature's outer carapace has been thickened and hardened through the molecular bonding of carbon and silicon into it. Elite and more valuable Nid warriors could opt for an upgrade if they feel like it.

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