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Tile-based boardgame published by
Hans im Glück (Germany), Z-Man Games (UK, U.S.)
No. of Players 2-5
Session Time 0.5 to 1.5 hours
Authors Klaus-Jürgen Wrede
First Publication 2000
Essential Books N/A

Carcassonne is a tile matching Eurogame where players compete to complete roads, cities and claim monasteries and farms. Game play is simple, a player draws a tile, and must place it with the rest of the tiles in such a way that the edges match up. A city must have a complete wall, for instance. You claim these areas for points by playing followers on them. (Followers are referred to as meeples in most dialog between experienced Carcassonne players.) When all the tiles are used up, the final score is tallied. The final score is the current score, plus predetermined totals for uncompleted areas with meeples on them. The farms are scored, and whoever has the highest score is the winner.

It's where these fuckers originate from. You know, the things you use to replace pawns in chess.

There is a version of Carcassonne on the XBox Live Arcade for 800 MSP.

It is a truth universally acknowledged that Carcassone gets more awesome the more addons you have for it. Addons include The River, which expands the starting tiles to a long river, The King And Scout, which adds "achievements" for the player who completes the biggest city or longest road, and The Count, which allows people to "poach" other people's features by sacrificing points earlier in the game.

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