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Card games are games played with cards, commonly made out of stiff heavier and laminated paper called card stock because it's used for, well, playing cards. Card games vary on degrees of complexity, as they vary in the amount and variety of cards offered to players, and cater to almost every genre imaginable, from cyberpunk to high fantasy to post-apocalyptic.

Standard Card Games[edit]


Standard card games have fixed decks. All players have the same pool in which to draw or play from. Examples of this are Uno, Munchkin, and games played with standard playing cards like Poker or Pinochle. These games rely on varying degrees of skill and luck, but tend to favor skill due to the nature of the decks.

Notable Standard Card Games[edit]

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Collectible Card Games[edit]

Magic: The Gathering.

Collectible Card games were invented back in the early 1900's with baseball cards, but nerds were not as prolific then and they died out after scant proliferation due to lack of little glass bead counters. The CCGs of today are almost all a byproduct of Richard Garfield's cute little game Magic: The Gathering. Now that the nerd had shored up its numbers, the CCG was not doomed to die an ignoble death. Collectible card games differ from standard card games in that the deck is not fixed. Starter decks come with a random assortment of cards, and more cards are gained from 'booster' packs, which contain a few random cards, or by winning them from opponents. (Or by paying an exorbitant price at your FLGS to buy a card out of a plastic sheet in a binder). Collectible Card Games are reliant on varying degrees of skill and luck, but more than that a deep pocket. The nerd who has dollars to spare can almost always win in a game of attrition by purchasing his deck piecemeal, and thereby gain nerd glory in tournaments all the while claiming he won the cards due to superior skill. (1) (2)

(1) This is why people play drafts.

(2) Even if you buy the best cards/deck ever they won't help squat if you don't know how to use them. But buying the chase rares and building caw-blade or affinty or dragonstorm (when they were by FAR the most lethal decks in standards) is going to help you a metric fuck ton more than a terrible deck and mad skills. In practice most of the top net-decks can be run to moderate (local or regional) success with only a basic understanding of how the game works. Pro-Tours need a certain degree of blind-chessmaster style ability (basically guessing what the other guy has and playing around it) to really be successful, but my girlfriend once piloted dragonstorm to win a local tournament including 2 consecutive turn 2 kills in the finals after I taught her the game on the car ride over. The reason she wanted to use my deck? Dragons are pretty. I came 5th in the draft event after 10 years in the game. You do the fucking math.

Collectors will often be kept in plastic sleeves ("card condoms") to reduce wear and tear, and as such keeping the value of the card intact.

Notable Collectible Card Games[edit]

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