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Carmine Dragons are a breed of Dragon in the world of Warhammer Fantasy Battle, heavily associated with Shyish, the Wind of Magic that fuels the Lore of Death. The Empire special character Magisterix Elspeth von Draken rides a Carmine Dragon as a steed, but rules are also presented for using Carmine Dragons, Regular and Emperor, as bound monsters via the Storm of Magic rules. Carmine Dragons are a Forge World creation, released as part of Tamurkhan: Throne of Chaos.

Carmine Dragons, also known as Encarmine Dragons, are extremely rare and sinister members of the Dragon family tree, said to only come into being when a dragon's lair is sufficiently infused with Shyish that unhatched dragon eggs are infused with its deathly power, coming into being saturated in the Wind of Death. Named for their strange scales; supple as sin yet stronger than steel, which begin life as a deep ruby red but turn a deep purple-black with age, Carmine Dragons are sinister, clever and deadly, with a well-earned reputation as spectres of death. In Dwarven tales, the appearance of a Carmine Dragon is always an omen of approaching disaster. Dwelling in lairs that have seen death on a great scale, such as fallen cities or ancient battlegrounds, these monsters are believed to somehow feed on the essence of death.

In a Storm of Magic game, Carmine Dragons are both Monster-type units that have a unit size of one. Regular Carmine Dragons are M6, WS5, BS-, S5, T6, W6, I5, A6, LD 8 fiends that cost 305 points. On the other hand, Emperor Carmine Dragons are M8, WS8, BS-, S8, T9, W9, I7, A8, LD 10 horrors that cost 700 points.

Both types of Carmine Dragon cause Terror, are Large Targets, can Fly, have a 2+ Scaly Skin save, and have the Coruscating Blast special rule (Breath Weapon; max range 12 inches, roll an Artillery dice to determine effect (re-rolling Misfire results) as per a cannon's bounce rule, models touched take D3 wounds with no Armor Save allowed). Emperor Dragons can also be mages, up to level 4, at a cost of 35 points per Wizard Level. Spellcasting Emperor Carmine Dragons always generate their spells from the Lore of Death.