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"When surrounded by vultures, try not to die."

– African Proverb

Carrion, are undead vultures, buzzards, and condors used by the Tomb Kings as harassers of enemy forces. Vultures were sacred animals to the Nehekharan god Ualapt, taking the souls of dead warriors to the heavens to help fight sick-ass Daemons in the night sky. Because of this, the Mortuary priests buried THOUSANDS of them along with all warriors of Nehekhara as a sign of reverence. Because of a certain super skeletal dick, they now once again take to the skies, more ravenous than ever with an insatiable hunger for the flesh of the living. Liche Priests can control them to an extent, but once they smell blood they devolve into a ravening flapping horde of tar-black feathers and snapping beaks, not stopping until their prey is torn apart.

Forces of the Tomb Kings

Leaders & Characters : Tomb Prince - Tomb King - Icon Bearer - Liche Priest - Liche High Priest - Tomb Herald - Necrotect
Troops : Skeleton Archer - Tomb Guard - Skeleton Warrior - Tomb Swarm - Dust Goblin - Bone Giant - Skeleton Horsemen - Carrion - Necropolis Knight
Chariots : Skeleton Chariot
Constructs : Sepulchral Stalker - Ushabti - Warsphinx - Necrosphinx - Heirotitan - Tomb Scorpion - Screaming Skull Catapult