Carrion Crawler

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Carrion Crawlers are an iconic species of monster in Dungeons & Dragons, dating all the way back to the earliest editions of the game. Their artwork has changed over the editions, but the fundamental idea remains the same; carrion crawlers resemble a giant beetle-grub or caterpillar, with the business end consisting of long, octopus-like tentacles around a flesh-eating maw. These beasts are, as their name implies, predatory scavengers, scouring caves, dungeons or even the Underdark in pursuit of dead meat to devour. If presented with a dearth of carrion, they are well-equipped to make their own kills, as their tentacles possess a paralyzing touch not unlike that of a ghoul. This paralysis is notable for a relatively high save DC and an absurd duration for the creature's CR. While the crawler itself deals very little damage, they are very dangerous in mixed groups. Also, like the rust monster, they make an excellent base for the multi-headed template.