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A Castellan. Not as much of a special snowflake as Castellan Crowe.

A Castellan is a rank within the Black Templars Chapter. No way related to Castellan Crowe nor are they related to the Castellan-Class Robot.


Sometimes a Black Templars Crusade will be split up into various Fighting Companies. To lead these, the Marshal in charge of the Crusade will appoint a Sword Brother with the honorarium of Castellan.

This grants them a rank equivalent to a Codex Chapter's Company Captain, although it does not mean that there are at least 100 Initiates under his command as there may be as few as 10 or 20. Normally a Chaplain will also accompany the Castellan to keep him and the Brethren in line.


Castellans are quite well equipped. Other than their usual Black Sword and Mark VII: Aquila Armour, they could also wield a Power Axe, a Bolt Pistol, Plasma Pistol to even Combi-weapons, such as a Combi-Melta, Combi-Flamer or Combi-Plasma.

Forces of the Black Templars
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