Catalyst Game Labs

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Catalyst Game Labs
Catalyst logo 262w.gif
Year Established 2007
Notable Employees Loren L Coleman
Notable Games BattleTech

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They own the Classic BattleTech License. And for some reason, own Shadowrun as well. If you pirate their stuff, you are helping put out of business a shitty company with a death grip on well-loved games in the grave so someone who actually cares can get the rights.

They no longer publish CthulhuTech or Eclipse Phase as Loren L Coleman was such a visionary guy that he imagined money belonging to Catalyst Game Labs was actually his money and could be used to remodel his house rather than pay the writers and artists. They are currently in court for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. For those playing at home this is the less lulzy form of bankruptcy that real companies use, Chapter 11. The situation with Shadowrun rights is currently yet unresolved, beyond nearly all of the freelancers who had been working on Shadowrun since the FASA days quitting over niggling little issues like not being paid for work that was going to press.

As of 2017, the shittiness of Loren L. Coleman and ongoing accounting bullshit apparently drove the BattleTech Line Developer and Assistant Line Developer out of the company as well due to nonpayment of salaries.