Catherine the Pariah

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So, you probably heard of "Lolicron", right? If not, here's a place to acculturate yourself: Lolicron.

But memes aside, this page's aim is to make this nice little necron girl into a character more appropriate of the WH40k Grimdark, giving her a disturbing and more realistic story and also some rules that will be later put in the Codex - Necrons: /tg/'s 9th Edition (spoiler).


Her story[edit]

Catherine's story begins on a human colony planet named Bathur in the Eastern Fringe where she and her family have to work fourteen hours a day mining for resources in the Silent Abyss located a couple of kilometers away from their Hive City. This peculiar cave, resembling an impact crater spanning roughly 10 kilometers in radius, is rich in minerals of all kind and in the lower levels presents signs of strange buried architecture and broken corridors that extend even further in the planet's crust. Because of this, the area is frequently raided for its relics and goods, and Catherine and her family are forced to scavenge only the outer layers or risk going against gang members or other violent individuals; despite this, their imperial supervisors don't care too much about their conditions and only really care about the materials extracted which are to be used to support the war against a mechanical xeno race happening a couple of sectors away, and so forcefully push them deeper into the earth's mouth with the use of violence and retaliation fire. Because of her age, barely scratching the 11 years, and her consequent weak physique, these trips down in the dark take a heavy toll on her already frail health and she frequently gets sick and vomits blood after each expedition. One day, in yet another deep dive, this time in one of the corridors of the abandoned underground complex, she loses her father in the sudden attack of a slithering metal beast that dragged the man screaming deeper into the darkness. But the big turn of events happens later the same month when the black cubical spire surfacing at the center of the crater begins to emit a dim crackling glow and the ground all around the Silent Abyss and Hive City starts to shake and crumble apart. Swarms of little silvery machines invade the entire mine and kill anyone they encounter while humanoid androids erupt from the earth and march forward under the dark green sky. Catherine and her mother try to hide into an alley of the city, but at last, they are found by a tall metallic silhouette sporting one glowing green eye in the middle of its head. Her mother tries to fight back by waving a broken pipe against the creature, but everything proves useless; without much effort, the figure grabs the blunt object and with a small blow of its hand, throws the woman at the wall and she begins to dust away. Catherine was sure she would be the next and so curled up screaming and crying in the furthest corner of that dead end. But her fate was not over still, unfortunately for her, she was in possession of a rare gene, the Pariah gene, still unmanifested and suffocated by her flesh form; that was her curse. The metal man kneeled down before her and lifted one of her arms so she could see his face, then lend his other hand forward and incited the little girl to follow him.

Deep inside the dead citadel, inside a dark room most hidden from the light, Catherine's screams echoed back into the surface. Under the Cryptek's masterful hands she was being reborn, stripped of everything that was holding her full potential back. She was given a new purpose and a body worthy of her rarity. She was now a Necron Pariah, one of a kind, and her destiny was now complete.


The Awakening[edit]

<Catherine... -called a voice in the room- Catherine wake up...> its print was robotic and it spread quickly inside the empty room. It felt familiar, but she could not understand why.

<Catherine, tell me, what do you feel?> it talked again, it had a sort of warmth to it, but its sharp edges still warned all to come any closer. Somehow, she felt almost forced to respond.

<Cold...> she could barely sense the tips of her fingers, her entire body felt like it was missing and yet it was still there.

<Good. What else do you feel?>

She wasn't sure of what to answer, she tried to move her legs but they didn't respond, the same happened with the arms. All around her, she felt a tender flow move through the air, she wasn't sure what it was, but once she noticed it, it quickly vanished, leaving her to wonder.




9th Edition Rules[edit]

This unit contains 1 Catherine the Pariah (Power Rating: 3). Only one of this model may be included in your army.

Name M WS BS S T W A Ld Sv Pts/model
Catherine the Pariah 5" 2+ 5+ 4 4 2 3 10 4+ 60


-Scything Claws

Weapon Range Type S AP D Abilities
Scything Claws Melee Melee User -3 1 Each time you make a wound roll with this weapon, you can re-roll the result. Each time an attack is made with this weapon, make 2 hit rolls instead of 1.

Special Rules:

See Codex - Necrons

This model can never be targeted or affected by psychic powers in any way. In addition, enemy PSYKERS must subtract 2 from Psychic tests and Deny the witch tests they take for each unit with this ability that is within 18" of them.

This model can never be your Warlord or have a Warlord Trait.

Enemy units cannot fire Overwatch at this model. In addition, enemy units within 6" of this model must subtract 1 from their hit rolls.

Any enemy unit within 12" of this model counts as having a Leadership characteristic of 7 unless it would normally be less than that.

Each time this unit loses a wound, roll a D6; on a 5+, the unit does not lose that wound.


  • Faction: Necrons
  • HQ, Infantry, Catherine the Pariah, Character, Dynastic Agent