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"Cattlepunk" is a Setting Aesthetics loosely akin to Steampunk or Dieselpunk. It is a "hybrid genre" descriptor where the Western genre is mixed with elements of other settings, most notably steampunk, due to the relative closeness of eras when the two genres are set. This is a fairly obscure genre, although it was popular on TV in the 60s - the original Wild, Wild West TV show was an excellent example of the "Western meets Steampunk" version, with spy thriller aspects thrown in for good measure, whilst there was a shortlived Lone Ranger cartoon in 1966 that was full-fledged Cattlepunk.

Whilst it doesn't have to, it can overlap with the Weird Western.

Some examples of Cattlepunk /tg/ material include:

  • Deadlands - The name in cattlepunk RPGs, it's a melding of urban fantasy, "screampunk" (horror/steampunk) and wild western themes. Its spin-offs/successors Hell on Earth and Lost Colony are post-apocalyptic/western and Space Western respectively.
  • Spellslinger - Part of the Horizon mini-settings from Fantasy Flight Games, this takes a low-magic Dungeons & Dragons setting and literally revolves around the discovering and colonization of the North America-esque "Territories", playing host to classic Wild West scenarios. Comes with Western type firearms, a gunslinger class, and humanoid wolf Amerindian stand-ins.
  • Cold Steel Reign - A game advertised in Dragon Magazine that was ultimately cancelled, a post-apocalyptic world created when a meteorite slammed into the world during the Wild
  • The Dark Tower - an RPG based on the book series of the same name by Steven King. This setting could better be described as "Everything-but-the-Kitchen-Sinkpunk" since it starts with Western elements, then adds to it elements of Low Fantasy, Science Fiction, and Lovecraftian Horror. The setting's Gunslingers are basically Arthurian Knights in the Wild West who have to deal with both demons and homicidal machines, among other things.
  • Malifaux has many Cattlepunk elements. Cowboys, desperados, migrant rail workers, and great trains clash with steampunk mecha, undead, and demons.