Cayden Cailean

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Cayden Cailean
Cayden Cailean holy symbol.jpg
Alignment Chaotic Good
Pantheon Inner Sea Gods
Portfolio Freedom, bravery, getting absolutely hammered
Domains Chaos, Charm, Good, Strength, Travel
Worshippers Adventurers, brewers, barkeeps, innkeepers
Favoured Weapon Rapier

Cayden Cailean is one of the gods of the Pathfinder setting. He is the chaotic good god of alcohol, freedom, and bravery.

He also has what is probably the most awesome backstory of any fictional deity. Once, Cayden Cailean was a mortal adventurer who loved drinking, fighting, and getting it on. One night, he was drunk off his ass, and someone dared him to take the Test of the Starstone. Three days later, he woke up as a god, with no memory of how he passed.

Cayden Cailean is exactly what you'd expect if your average chaotic good adventurer became a god. Instead of temples, he has taverns dedicated to him, his holy text is short enough to fit on a placard, and every single one of his rituals involves alcohol.

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