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d20 Modern[edit]

The Personality advanced class appears in the core book for d20 Modern. It's quite rubbish, gaining a random assortment abilities that don't synergize particularly well and being put on a weak chassis. Its fifth level ability that's effectively non-magical mind control against anyone who fails a will save and opposed charisma check is interesting, but not enough to make up for the sheer rubbish that is the rest of the class. Its main use is that it gives +2 reputation at first level with low requirements and being setting neutral, so it's prime dip material to enhance the Field Officer class's ability to add reputation to any ally's skill check.


Celebrity is a Bard archetype in Ultimate Magic. It's total rubbish. In exchange for Inspire Courage (the ability the class is based around) you get some minor boosts to diplomacy in a single settlement.

Pathfinder 2nd[edit]

An archetype that any class can take. You hog the spotlight, Doing the best to out stage others, Distract others, and Not tier in front of a crowd.

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