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"Many aspire. Few attain."

– Celestian in Dawn of War: Soulstorm

Celestians are the best of the best within an order of the Adeptus Sororitas. To earn the rank of Celestian a sister must have proved herself on dozens of battlefields and must be skilled with every weapon in the Ecclesiarchy's armory. These ladies are some of the hardest SOB's (DOB's? or are they just B's? *BLAM* HERESY! THEY ARE DAUGHTERS OF THE EMPEROR!) you'll meet save for the space marines. Off the battlefield they have many of the duties of a sister superior in addition to serving as go-betweens for the Cannoness and the other sisters of her order. They also serve as bodyguards and advisers to important members of the Ecclesiarchy.

Types of Celestians[edit]

There are a few variations of the normal Celestian Squads. These include....

Celestian Superior[edit]

The senior Celestians in an Order, Celestians Superior aid the Canoness with the day-to-day running of the Order. They specifically act as administrative liaisons between the Sisters Superior and the Canoness, and may even lead Battle Sisters into combat when the Canoness is otherwise engaged.


A single Celestian in a Celestian Squad may be nominated as a Imagifer or Imagifier AKA Banner Bearers. These often carry a Simulacrum Imperialis, one of the Orders' ancient banners, into combat unarmed, to inspire their fellow sisters to fight harder against all odds. They are only found in Celestian, Battle Sister, Dominion and Retributor squads as they are always Sisters units. Within Seraphim squads the Veteran Sister Superior carries the Simulacrum Imperialis, effectively becoming an Imagifer.

Celestian Bodyguard[edit]

Occasionally, Celestians may be formed up into bodyguard groups for senior members of the Order, such as Celestians Superior or even a Canoness. To be selected for such a role the Celestian must have previously distinguished herself in battle. The most noble warriors of the Order, Celestians approved for bodyguard duties may also be given additional responsibilities, such as becoming a banner-bearer, an Imagifier or a being assigned a particular duty in the Convent-Shrine.

Ophelian Celestian Squad[edit]

Ophelian Celestian Squads are formed from the best Celestians of the Orders Militants, hailing from the convents on Ophelia VII. If the need arises the entire squad can be requisitioned into serving in a Canoness' personal retinue.


Despite their apparent badassery in the fluff, on the tabletop they're a bit indecisive as to where they want to be. They're geared to be a heavy-support/elite squad, basically working like regular sisters but 'arder and killier, however they're an assault squad with no melee weapons, yet their Act of Faith is close-quarters oriented. If you really want to play them fluffy you can give them a heavy flamer, flamer, combi flamer, and a priest. March them up the board burning heretics and taking names. For the occasional grizzled neckbeard who still plays sisters celestians aren't a common choice, as they're competing for the sister's vital elite slots while not being terribly efficient at what they do, considering their point cost and whack AoF.

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