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A Cerebore unloading its cargo.

The Cerebore is a large Tyranid organism equipped with sacs to transport smaller creatures into battle, similar to the roles fulfilled by the Haruspex... which is like the complete opposite in reality, as it is closer to the Tervigon than anything else. It is equipped with a hardened exoskeleton on its back for protection and multiple tentacles to fend off attackers.

Cerebore seem to be more sluggish in both appearance and movement; albeit more armoured compared to the walking uterus that is the Tervigon, so their battlefield roles could be that of a heavy duty troop transport carrier that may carry more units than the Tervigon, at the expense of speed/maneuverability and the ability to birth out Gaunts like flashlights.

Tabletop Fan-Rules[edit]

7th edition[edit]

A Cerebore is a large Tyranid organism specifically created to transport smaller creatures safely into battle. It's an organic tank transport thought to have been spawned after the Tyranids encountered Imperial forces, but instead of armour plating it has a hardened exoskeleton reinforced like none other, able to resist Anti-tank rounds that would leave any normal tank a smoking wreck.

It is able to transport smaller Tyranids due to small protective sacs under its carapace. These sacs contain a sort of nutrient bio-gruel that keeps the Tyranids alive for longer than normal periods of time. In addition this gruel increases the cellular repair rate of any on board Tyranids, repairing damaged limbs, strengthening carapace, and even goes as far as to energize the organisms mind, making it think and act far faster than normal. This is thought as a way to keep Tyranids alive behind enemy lines if anything were to happen to the main force, these odd Bio-creatures act as temporary rally points for beaten creatures.

Though it is a transport it is far from defenseless. The Cerebore has a mass of short but strong whip-like appendages along both sides to repel any attacks, in addition it has a pair of shovel like talons at its head used to smash through ruins and even enemies, ensuring nothing slows it from its goal of disgorging it's deadly cargo.

A Cerebore is taken as a Fast attack choice for any Tyranid army.

Cerebore- 250 pts.

WS|BS|S|T|W|I|A|Ld|Sv 3 |3 |6 |6 |5 |2 |3 |8 |2+

Composition: - 1 Cerebore

Unit Type: -Gargantuan creature

Weapons and Biomorphs: - Armoured shell - Stinger salvo - Scything talons - Lash whips - Thrasher tendrils

Special rules: - Instinctive behavior- Feed - Transport creature - Move through cover - Fearless

Transport creature: A Cerebore can carry a single unit of up to 20 Infantry models. When disembarking/Embarking the Cerebore is treated as an open-topped vehicle for access point purposes. When embarked a unit cannot be affected by any shots or psychic abilities against the Cerebore. If the Cerebore is killed the unit inside treats it as a Vehicle-Explodes result, in addition they must take a strength check, if failed the unit is considered at Initiative 1 unit the Tyranid players next turn, if the test is passed the unit is unaffected and disembarks as normal.

Thrasher tendrils: These large club like tendrils are used to beat off or get away from any unit trying to assault the Cerebore, they also help the Cerebore perform great bursts of speed.

Any unit wishing to assault a Cerebore counts as assaulting through difficult terrain. In addition once a game a Cerebore may use these tendrils to propel itself forward in a small burst of speed, roll a D6 and it moves that may extra inches during its movement. This does not affect an on board units ability to disembark.

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8th edition[edit]

A cerebore is a single model. It is armed with a Stinger salvo, a single pair of monstrous Scything talons, an array of Lash whips and a futher array of Thrasher tendrils.

Name M WS BS S T W A Ld Sv Points PP
Cerebore * * 5+ 8 8 16 * 9 2+ 250 10
Remaining W M WS A
9-16+ 12" 3+ 6
5-8 6" 4+ D6
1-4 3" 5+ 1
Melee Weapon Range Type S AP D Abilities
Monstrous scything talons Melee Melee +4 -3 2D3 Hit rolls of 1 for this weapon may be re-rolled.
Lash whip pods Melee Melee User -1 1 Make 2 hit rolls for each attack made with this weapon, instead of 1.
Thrasher tendrils Melee Melee +2 -2 D3 You may not use this weapon once you have used the Thrasher Tendrils ability. You may make D3 additional attacks with this weapon if the bearer charged this turn.
Stinger salvo Assault 6 18" 5 -1 1 -


  • Instinctive behaviour:
  • Thrasher Tendrils:
    • Once per battle at the beginning of your turn, this model may exhaust its Thrasher Tendrils to provide an extra boost of speed. If you activate this ability this model advances and charges 3D6" discarding the lowest value, and may charge after advancing. Any models embarked inside it may disembark after it has advanced and may still charge themselves with a +1 to their charge distances. Once your turn finished however, this model suffers D6 mortal wounds from overexerting itself and ripping itself to pieces.
  • Living transport: Unlike the tervigon, the cerebor does not birth its cargo. They are in fact stored within itself before the battle, allowing it to carry more interesting varieties of tyranid which would be too complicated and large for itself to produce within itself.
    • This model may transport up to 20 <HIVE FLEET> GENESTEALERS, TERMAGAUNTS or HORMAGAUNTS, or a unit of up to 6 HIVE GUARD, TYRANT GUARD or TYRANID WARRIORS.


  • Faction: <Hive Fleet>, Faction: Tyranids, Heavy Support, Monster, Cerebore
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