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A typically poor rendition of a chainsword - as you can see, the housing surrounds the teeth, which would interfere with penetration (but would allow it to parry). Still dangerous though.

"Problems? Problems? There is no problem I cannot solve with this..."

– Commander Mad Chainsaw Johnson of the White Scars, White Dwarf 93

A Chain weapon is a fuck-awesome melee weapon, heavily used by Imperial forces, although variants are fielded by the Eldar, Orks, and Chaos Space Marines.

Apparently in the 41st Millennium, chainsaws have been re-purposed for hacking down things/aliens/people instead of simply harvesting lumber. By far the most common Chain weapon is the chainsword.

As its name implies, the chainsword is a bladed weapon with a rotating chainsaw blade in-between, that's powered by a motor mounted on the hilt and activated with a trigger on the grip. Of course, the sheer manliness in this weapon makes it pretty damn heavy, so it's actually really fucking awesome. But since almost all the users of it have some combination of power armor, bionics, or natural strength to swing them around, the weight is a lot less of an issue. More likely it’s due to lightweight materials because it’s tens of millennia into the future.

Although the chainsword is issued to virtually all forces of the Imperium, it is most famous with the Spehss mahreens who widely use the chainsword as the primary weapon of their assault troops and veteran soldiers.

The standard chainsword used to have the same rules as any other close-combat weapon. Which is dumb, considering most of the fluff describes it as cutting through armour with ease, even Terminator armour, with some additional effort. Because a giant chainsaw does as much damage as a combat knife. 8e changed it up a bit, though- while it still doesn't do more damage than a basic close combat weapon, it does grant a bonus attack. This (along with its low point cost) makes it a good choice of melee weapon when the quantity of your attacks matters more than their quality (e.g. against Hormagaunt swarms and mobs of Ork Boyz).

TL;DR The Chainsword is the second most manly weapon ever created, right behind the Power Fist.

Imperial Variants[edit]

The Chainsword also has several variants that have been developed by both the Imperium of Man and Xenos. Here are some examples:



The smallest known Chainweapon.

These weapons are small enough to be considered as an attachment to most rifles. As such it is a smaller Chain bayonet that is attached to a Bolter and utilized as a close-combat weapon during assaults.

Although, to be honest, it seems more practical to just have a large, sharpened serrated blade than a gas-guzzling weapon that will become useless once it runs out of fuel, and seeing how small the weapon (and thus, fuel supply) is, its gonna run out of fuel relatively quickly. This statement rings true. Back in the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy days, it was expected to see half the squad of a tactical team be seen wielding these microchainsaws on their boltguns. Like, seriously, they were the most common chain weapon in those times. Fuckers were everywhere.

However, by the 41st millennium, finding any sensible individual wielding these things is beyond rare. Here in /tg/, there were wide speculations on why the Chainblade is rarely seen in use. The most common theory is that doctrines simply changed. Back in the old days, the Beakies were treated more like secondary armies and line breakers. Ergo, it was expected that Space Marines to engage in the most harshest of clusterfucks en masse, so the need for a melee attachment for a bolter made sense in the likely scenario a Space Marine were to fall under a moshpit of CQC violence. Ironically enough, the Space Marines acted more like the Imperium's sledgehammer than the Solar Auxilia did during those times. Like, believe it or not, but the 31st millennium faced more CQC assaults than the modern period as most Xenos at that time liked to go all-in-your-face, so there was a sound reasoning for these things for close encounters of which there were many. When the Horus Heresy came under full swing, the CQC moshpit became even more intense as various worlds started to fortify the fuck out of their defences, so the Astartes had to go in close and personal against other Astartes and the Solar Auxillia all dressed in Void Armour and Reinforced Void Armour.

However, with the break up of the legions, the Astartes went from Powerfist to scalpel. With the implementation of assault marines, the need for the Chainblade drastically decreased as (Most) Astartes became elite ranged shock troopers. You are not going to decapitate the enemy's leadership with a mini-chainsaw now, would you? So the doctrines changed, and the Chainblade was phased out due to growing impracticalities in a changed environment. The Imperium no longer needs to fight rival Xenos empires and large traitor legions, but stragglers, insurgents and minor Xenos threats. Moreover, anything the Chanblade can do, a regular Astartes Knife can do it much better, for the knife has a far bigger reach, simpler to make, far more flexible and versatile, orders of magnitude more quieter, and does not rely on fuel to be useful.

Basically it was the lancer assault rifle from Gears of War before Gears of War even existed.



The good'ole Chainsaw. You know'em, you love'em. After 40,000 years, the design has basically stayed the same.

Used for an extensive variety of jobs across all strata of society, Chainsaws are also a popular choice of weapon for the Pit Fighters of the deathmatches to be found in many lawless parts of the Imperium, most notably in the underhives of Hive Worlds such as Necromunda.

Traditionally they are grafted onto the stump of an arm, or as in the case of the famous slave leader Bull Gorg onto the stumps of both (which makes you wonder how he eats and uses the toilet...or how he faps). However, the infamous Pit Fighter Harkan Vore had one which replaced his lower jaw, which one wonders how the proverbial fuck does he even eat?



A chainsword is just a chainsaw with a sword grip. Most versions make use of monomolecular-edged or otherwise razor sharp teeth.

Like many examples of human invention, the chainsword’s many variants seem to have their roots in the shrouded heresies of the Dark Age of Technology. Some in /tg/ like to speculate that it was some AdMech Priest who had mistaken a weirdly designed Chainsaw for a sword, unfortunately official fluff dictates that it saw consistent use in the armored fists of techno-barbarians during the Age of Strife, and among the Emperor’s own armies during his Thunder Warriors’ conquest of Terra during the Unification Wars.

But whilst Techpriests debate on the origin of the Chainsword, a particularly amusing theory surface that states it was an inspiration stolen from an alien race, in a war that may never be remembered. If this theorem ever bears fruit, it is distinctly possible that the galaxy’s first wielders of chainswords were the prissy armored warriors of the ancient Eldar, not us Humans. Although this bears little weight as chain weapons and bolt weapons were created to combat powered and semi-powered armor common to techno-barbarians (which the Emperor replaced with mesh and then flak armor even though semi-powered armor at least was common enough for everyone’s wargear to revolve around fighting people wearing it).

There are multiple varieties of Chainsword such as the Ironfang Chainsword, which is a variant of the chainsword created to allow human heretics to approximate the deadly blows of a Legion chainsword, this variant features a thick, bladed area with chained teeth nearly twice the width of an ordinary chainsword, and powered by a backpack-mounted fuel supply. Its greater tearing strength and weighted nose allow it to deal viciously violent heavy slashing blows. Needless to say, this weapon is heavy - 12 kilograms in weight, complete with power supply - and unbalanced, ie. a very heavy regular chainsaw. It would tear things apart like nobodies business in melee... if it can make it there.

Chainsword actually appear in Total War: WARHAMMER III, as it can be obtained in the Realm of Khorne. This is certainly very unexpected, as 40K weapons only appeared in Fantasy in a very old lore where universes were linked together. This is, most likely, an Easter egg and a first hint towards the probable Total War Warhammer 40000.

Chain Cleaver[edit]

Chain Cleaver

A weapon used by the "I can't believe they're not a Khornate warband yet!". A Chain Cleaver is a pretty brutal chain weapon often wielded either single-handed or dual-wielded. Due to its small size, one could do multiple attacks in quick succession. Wielding two of these guarantees your transformation into a walking meat blender on two legs.

The Corpse Grinder Cult gang is the aforementioned 'NOT-Khornate' faction in Necromunda and the biggest user of these things. We are not sure whether the World Eaters have used these, although they would most likely be a popular choice if given the chance.

On tabletop, they are probably the best of the Corpse Grinders’ arsenal. They’ll give any fighter the high strength and high volume of attacks that they need to succeed, all while staying under budget.



Non-Khornate chainaxes. Pulverizers are a makeshift chain weapon utilized by those particularly blood thirsty hive gangers in Hive Worlds such as Necromunda. It is a beefy and brutal weapon that can be duel-wielded for twice the choppa. In a sense, they are kind of like a bigger version of the Chain Cleavers.

On Necromunda only House Goliath are big enough to wield these en-masse.

On tabletop, the Pulverizer certainly packs a punch. However, the paired Pulverizers are really where it’s at, as a Stimmer will get 8 attacks on the charge with a couple of those bad boys, you turn into a bunch of Khornate Berserkers.

Frost Blade[edit]

Frost Blade

A unique Chainsword and possibly one of the only ones that could actually cut anything worth a damn rather than bludgeoning the enemies of man to death. The Frost Blade is yet, another special weapon and equipment exclusive to the Space Wolves.

Like the Frost Axe, each blade is hand-crafted by a Master Iron Priest, and many incorporate the diamond-hard fangs of the Fenrisian Ice Kraken. They are highly sought after and in the skilled hands of a Space Marine they can be comparable in effect to most Power Weapons. Naturally, this means kraken hunting for teeth for the Adeptus Astartes at large will never happen. Not squandering resources is heresy. Like giving chainswords to every Marine and not just Assault and Veterans. Madness, what do you think they are, super-human?

Also for the record: Kraken, we'll squids anyway, do have 'teeth' there just in the arms rather then mouth.

In the legends of the chapter, the finest Frost Blades are made of ice harvested from the heart of a glacier, and then tempered inside a Kraken's belly.

Notable mostly for both looking totally badass and the only chainsword that looks like an actual sword-chainsaw instead of chainsaw-sword.

Heavy Chainblade/Chainsword[edit]

Heavy Chainsword

The Eviscerator's pussy brother, the Heavy Chainblade is a massive chainsword, significantly larger than one of the standard chainswords but far weaker than an actual Eviscerator, possibly because it was meant more for construction than combat. This also made it to it's combat stats, instead of the Eviscerator's manly SX2, AP2 with Armourbane, it's a weak S+2 AP4, with no additional bonuses (and being two-handed as well, so forget using it to get another attack). About the only thing it has on the Eviscerator is that it's not so huge that it's unwieldy.

Being used mainly by the Mechanicum in the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy, it's unsurprising these seem to have mostly fallen out of favour in the 41st millennium, given how everyone seems to have swapped to the Eviscerator.

Not to be confused with the similarly named "Heavy Chainsword", used by the Legions Astartes, an even wimpier version that shares the same profile except for being AP 5 instead of AP 4. These also seem to have fallen out of favour when the Eviscerator rolled around, much to nobody's surprise.



Chainsword but ECKS BAWKS HUEG. Used by the Ecclesiarchy's priests and by the Sisters Repentia of the Sisters of Battle (as well as Chapter Master Gabriel 'IN THE BALLS' Seth). Most recently however, Eviscerators have found their way into the hand of 7E assault marine sergeants, because meltabombs just weren't enough.

The Eviscerator is twice the size of a regular chainsword and so heavy that a normal soldier will need to wield it using both hands. The Eviscerator might also incorporate an exterminator, a portable flame unit that will not only help it breach armor, but also scare the fuck out of any normal man upon seeing a whacked up priest/nun swinging a fucking huge flaming sword-chainsaw. The Eviscerator is also extra effective against armored units.

In some works the Eviscerator is described as having a disruptor field weaker than those of energy weapons, which still helps carving through ceramite.

Chain Spear[edit]

Chain Spear

Another long-range Chainweapon.

Similarly to the chain glaive, this weapon combines reach with lethality, mounting a chainsaw-bladed length at the end of a long haft, ensuring that jabs and thrusts can tear open flesh with the lightest touch whilst keeping the wielder out of harm's way, in contrast to the chain glaive whose curved blade and hilt aims for a more slashing and cutting motion to dismember enemies from a distance.

According to Tome of Blood, some variants actually sport the sharpened teeth of the bearer's former victims as the cutting edges, which are enough to cause even the slightest hit to become a spray of blood and torn flesh. .



Intended to assist Terminators' not stellar mobility when involved in boarding actions, the Chainfist is a Power Fist that incorporates a powerful chainsaw blade for the purposes of slicing through armored bulkheads. The weapon is commonly used by Terminators both as a CQC weapon and a convenient tool to cut themselves a way through the average Space Hulk's too small doors/walls/ceilings/floors... during boarding actions. Of course, since it can penetrate thick metal with little trouble, it's also often used for ripping open enemy vehicles and bunkers.

The reason it's so effective is simple: the powerfist's energy field also encompasses the chainblade. That's right, the chainfist effectively marries a chainsword and power fist. Remember how a regular power sword cuts most stuff like a hot knife through butter? Now bring a chainsaw with hot knives for teeth into this butter world, wear it like a glove and that's how a chainfist feels. That's just plain scary. If anything, it's like hitting a target with a power sword at 40 strikes per second, so that the powerfield weakens the target and then the teeth hack it away. The alternative is having a static piece of metal that is still cutting, but just not as efficiently.

The easiest way to use a chainfist in combat is to wield it like a Tonfa. As its mounted just under the left wrist parallel to the arm. Except for the versions with the saw coming over or out of the knuckle plate on the back of the hand. Or the ones that replace the middle finger with the saw (not joking).

Dreadnought Chainfist[edit]

Dreadnought Chainfist

A Chainfist but fuckhueg.

In the Imperium, a Dreadnought Chainfist can exclusively be found attached to the Ironclad Dreadnought, although more vanilla Dreadnoughts are able to wield one if given the proper modifications. Unlike the smaller Chainfist which are used to open blastdoors, the Dreadnoughts use theirs to open tank hulls. This arm consists of a massive chainsaw shaped to fit a dreadnought power fist. This is a devastating weapon capable of tearing apart infantry and light armor.

The Forces of Chaos also makes use of Dreadnought-sized Chainfists, more specifically the force of Khorne due to its brutal blood-grinding method of destruction. It is not uncommon to see a World Eaters or other Khornate dreadnought equipped with dual Chainfists for maximum RIP AND TEAR.

It suffers from the standard issue of any close combat weapon not used by infantry, that being the Dreadnought it's mounted on being too large to actually hit anything with it realistically.

In 8th edition, the Dreadnought Chainfist deals 4 damage per attack but retains the high AP and loses the penalty to hit which makes it great against fighting whatever poor MEQs, GEQs, TEQs and light vehicles that gets in its way. Although against larger walkers, it starts to obviously suffer.

Reaper Chain-Cleaver[edit]

Reaper Chain-Cleaver

The kid brother of the much larger Reaper Chainsword. The Reaper Chain-Cleaver is still a relatively large Chain Weapon carried by the combat walkers of the Imperial Knights, particularly the smallest class of Knights known as Knights Armiger. The Reaper Chain-cleaver is a saw-toothed weapon similar to but smaller than its much larger relative that mangles metal and gnaws flesh to ruin with each shuddering impact.

Unlike say, the Dreadnought Chainfist, the Reaper Chain-Cleaver is much better at fighting due to the more flexible joint placement of the Knight Armigers. That, and the fact that Knight Armigers are relatively slim and not as clunky, awkward and bulky; traits that usually characterize the servo-motors of Space Marine Dreadnoughts, specifically the more boxy design of the 41st Millennium.

To give credit where credit is due. The Chain-Cleaver actually looks like a proper cleaver. More specifically, it bears some resemblance to a Chinese cleaver.

On tabletop, the current Imperial Knight codex from 8th edition gives the Reaper Chain-Cleaver a weapon with two attack options: Strike and Sweep. Strike is Sx2/AP-3/3D and Sweep S-/AP-2/1D but doubles the amount of hit rolls you can make with it. So this gives the Armiger some very nice added adaptability in their close combat.

Reaper Chainfist[edit]

Reaper Chainfist

A chainfist but really ECKS BAWKS HUEG.

The Reaper Chainfist is a weapon used by the Cerastus Knight-Acheron. Usually carried on the Knight's right weapon arm, the Reaper Chainfist is employed alongside the Acheron's Acheron-Pattern Flame Cannons as a weapon of extermination used to inspire fear in the foe.

The Reaper Chainfist is actually a set of two Chain Weapons linked together, with each one spinning in opposite directions to maximize damage. The blades are capable of tearing through both armor and fortified walls with ease.

The weapon also features a built-in set of twin-linked Heavy Bolters to be used against infantry when the Knight needs to conserve fuel for its Flame Cannon, these Bolters are often used as a last resort or when the Knight really wants something dead in its tracks.

Reaper Chainsword[edit]

Reaper Chainsword

The standard superheavy weapon in the Chain Weaponry, the Reaper Chainsword is the main weapon of most models of Imperial Knight. Unlike most Chainweapons you see here, it was originally designed as a Logging device for feudal colonists (You know, like modern chainsaws), though only the height of three men, the Reaper's adamantine teeth are no less deadly and thus, also works incredibly well as a massive melee weapon.

The Chainsword can be swung with all the power of the Knight's servo-motors, the Reaper is capable of cleaving through practically anything, from the thick ferrocrete walls of a defensive bunker and capable of carving open a Super-Heavy Tank with a single blow. Too bad that the Knight it's mounted on is giant, it's arms are laughably short, and it can't lean forward, meaning that realistically it's never going to hit anything smaller than another Knight, and still have trouble with that, unless they're basically hugging.

Titan Chainfist[edit]

Titan Chainfist

The big daddy-o of the Chainfist family. The Titan Chainfist takes the form of a large chainsaw attachment like the Chainfist, but on a gigantic scale. Thanks to the available power from the Titan's massive plasma reactor, Titan-grade Chainfists are also equipped with a secondary Melta Array, to soften up the target while cutting through it. With how large the Titan is, how small it's hands are and how short the Chainfist is, it's never going to hit anything short of another Titan, and it's most likely going to have a hard time landing a hit on those too.

The Reaver Titan is the biggest user of these weapons.

Crunchwise, they are similiar to the Titan Power Fist, at Sx2 AP-5 10 D. However it can also cause -1 to hit. However, any to wound roll of 6 where a VEHICLE, MONSTER, or BUILDING is targeted deals 2D6 extra mortal wounds. Remember that void shields do not work against melee attacks, so against Titans and Titan-equivalents that lack melee weapons those Mortal Wounds can be a a big deal.

Desolator Chainsword[edit]

Desolator Chainsword

The Big Dick of chainweapons. Large enough to make Khorne proud.

The appropriately named Desolator Chainsword is one of the two primary weapons of the Warmaster Iconoclast Titan. This motherfuckest of RIP AND TEAR are skyscraper-sized Chainswords used to make a Mega-Choppa feel limp-dicked in comparison.

Of course, this along with the Krius Siege Drill begs the question on why even give a slow-moving, stupidly large target weapons that they could only engage at close range. Even by the stupid reputation of the Imperium, this is already stretching the limit on practicality, even by 40k standards. With how heavy the - you know - Heavy Battle Titan is, it is much more feasible for the Imperium go the Emperor Battle Titan way of mounting more guns and turning it into a fix-point superheavy artillery walker.

This impracticality is further compounded by its...bizarre design choice. I mean look at it. What idiot thought it was a good idea to fuse the scabbard with the weapon's guide bar. You literally have a giant close-combat weapon that can't even cut worth shit because that weird scabbard/guide bar design is blocking the chainsword from you know, cutting.

That's GW design 'quality' for you.

Chaos Variants[edit]

Chaos use a overwhelmingly amount of chain weapons in contrast to power weapons. The majority of these users are Khornate warbands and seeing how GW has a unhealthy obsession with Khorne, you can see why. The majority of chain weapons of Chaos originally came from the Imperium, so it is unsurprising to see some old Imperial worlds to still incorporate these weapons in its armories. Its just that the force of Chaos has re-appropriated it for Chaos needs.

Tzaangor Chainsword[edit]

Tzaangor Chainswords

Unique Chainswords made specifically for the Tzaangors of the Thousand Sons.

These blades are warped by the sorcerous and psychic nature of their home planet of Sortiarius. With their savage nature, a Tzaangor would hack apart even power armor with sheer ferocious speed from their blades.

On tabletop, Tzaangor Chainswords are basically your typical Chainswords, its just best to stick with your Tzaangor Blades as it is just that but with an additional AP-1. No need to switch for a largely inferior weapon.



Imagine doomguy but a weapon. Yes, Warhammer has chainsaw axes, as insane it sounds. The custom weapon of Khornate champions, the Chainaxe was a fairly common weapon among Imperial troops pre-heresy. It's basically a huge axe with a powerful chainsaw as a blade. Pre-heresy it was practically standard issue among the World Eaters. The sheer weight of the axe and the fact that most Khorne Chaos Marine champions are super strong and completely fucking nuts ensures these will tear through most infantry armor.

It's wielded by non-Khornate Chaos Marines as well, due to the greater damage it inflicts, but mostly because of the showers of gore they call "wounds" - represented in 40k rules by being AP4, a straight upgrade from a regular chainsword and the woe of anyone not wearing power armour. Among Imperial forces, a chain-axe is most likely to be seen in the hands of a Space Wolf or a Raven Guard - the former due to the fact that they just don't give a flying fuck that it might associate them with Chaos, and the latter due to the fact that they mostly have older equipment due to infrequent resupplies. They are also very common among Flesh Tearers because they basically already are a Khornate cult.

Excoriator Chainaxe[edit]

Excoriator Chainaxe

The Excoriator Chainaxe is one of a group of weapons called the Caedere Weapons and used exclusively by the World Eaters Rampagers. Caedere Weapons is less of a distinct family of weapons and more of a name denoting their gladiatorial origins from NuceriaTM. Akin to how only the province of Champagne is allowed to call their sparkling wine Champagne and no one else, only with more RIP AND TEAR of course.

This Chainaxe is a heavy, two-handed Chainaxe that should be more appropriately called a Chain Glaive than a Chainaxe. They are hefty looking weapons that are meant to combine the superior reach of a spear/halberd with the bone-shattering rending power of a Chainaxe. The Excoriator Chainaxe, therefore, fills a niche for an armour-piercing, long-range, melee chain weapon.

Crunchwise, unfortunately, the fluff doesn't really match the crunch. At S+2 AP3 with Two-Handed, Shred, Unwieldy and Murderous Strike (5+). The Strength bump and Murderous Strike now makes it more dangerous than either a lightning claw or power maul, but Unwieldy still means that you're swinging this at I1, well after anyone else. Shred/Murderous Strike is nice, but most models with multiple wounds have 2+ saves, whereas this is the only Caedere weapon without some way of getting to AP2. Think carefully.



A even more unconventional and unwieldy weapon than the Power Scythe.

The Chainscythe is both a incredibly rare and extremely difficult to wield. It is telling that only one unit from oldschool Necromunda was seen carrying this thing around. It is only seen wielded by the Spyrer Matriarchs, this variant of the chainglaive mounts the blade at a horizontal angle to the tip of the shaft.

Seriously though, how the hell do you fight with this thing? Not only does it share the same stupid profile of all chainweapons (That is the metal piece mounted on the blades are interfering with its cutting power), but it also shares the same awkward handle of a scythe. Try and hit someone with that thing, there is a reason why warscythes have their blades turned 90 degrees upwards like halberd to increase chances of it actually hitting anything.

Certain Death Guard Deathshrouds are known to use a special hybrid variant of a Power Scythe with chain teeth. Similar to the Chainfist, these specially modified Manreaper Scythes combine the disruptive nature of a power weapon with the raw and savage cutting power of a chain weapon. Ol'Morty's own personal Manreaper "Silence" also incorporates chain teeth, but at a lesser extant.

Chain Glaive[edit]

Chain Glaive

Also known as Chain Halberds, the Chainglaive is an evolution of the Chainaxe, giving it a longer blade and haft allowing for wide, sweeping strikes capable of rending power armour without much trouble. It's used extensively by Vanguard Marines and Chaos close-combat specialists. An ancient design by modern standards, it's by no means common, and sees use primarily with the traitor legions due to this (particularly with the Night Lords, who had always favored its use).

They are also used by Rough Riders as a secondary or even primary weapon due to the weapon's reach and strength. These weapons come in a startling variety based on the sundry Forge Worlds and eras in which they were manufactured, but all are extremely deadly.

Forge World doesn't seem to know what they want these to look like. Most of them seem to be actual glaives, but there's at least some models with axe-like ones or giant chainswords.

Chain Hammer[edit]

Chain Hammer

Another rare and obscure Chainweapon.

Chainaxe not insane enough for you? Black Crusade introduces the chain Hammer, a massive, normally two-handed weapon shaped into either a maul outfitted with multiple rows of spinning metal teeth on the club-like head, or four chainaxe heads fused into a shape of a maul which can both rip apart flesh and smash bone into pulp with the brutal impact of this insane weapon.

Chain hammers are known to be used by orks and the pit brutes of Kurse in the Screaming Vortex. Powered versions capable of splitting Power Armour were also wielded by the Accusators of the Black Judges.

It is as ridiculous as it sounds.

Chaos Dreadnought Chainfist[edit]

Chaos Dreadnought Chainfist

A Chainaxe upscaled to a Dreadnought for all your Khornate needs.

The Chaos Dreadnought Chainfist is similar to the one found on Imperial Castraferrum Pattern Dreadnoughts such as the Ironclad Dreadnought. The Chaos variant is covered in dark, runic symbols of the Dark Tongue and macabre ornamentation.

These weapons are favoured by Chaos Space Marines who follow the Chaos God Khorne. Khornate Berzerker Dreadnoughts usually are armed with two Dreadnought Chainfists, one on each of its weapon arms. The weapon is outfitted with a hull-mounted twin-linked Bolter, a Combi-Bolter, a Heavy Flamer, or in the case of captured or recently turned Dreadnoughts, a Storm Bolter.

The Chaos version can be differentiated by its more pronounced cutting teeth.

The Contemptor Dreadnought also has its own variant. The weapon looks as if a standard Asatartes Chainsword has been used to replace one of the Power Fist's fingers, unlike the Dreadnought Chain Fist used by the Castraferrum Pattern Dreadnought, which takes up the entire weapon arm. Like most Contemptor Dreadnought Close Combat Weapons the Contemptor Chainfist is also armed with a Combi-Bolter slotted within its palm.

Chaos Dreadnought Pincer Claw[edit]

Chaos Dreadnought Pincer Claw

A very oldschool weapon that shows its age.

The Chaos Dreadnought Pincer Claw is a variant of the Dreadnought Chainfist, and consists of a pincer-like double Chain Weapon. These weapons are known to be found on Chaos Dreadnoughts that are dedicated to the Chaos God Slaanesh, such as Sonic Dreadnoughts.

The shape of the weapon indicates a heavy influence from Slaaneshi Daemon Weapons. Seeing how pincer weapons are as pronounced in Slaanesh as Chainaxes are the staple of Khorne, this isn't that surprising.

Thus, it could be assume that the Emperor's Children merely took inspiration to their new master and fashioned their Dreadnoughts with a weapon that makes them visually closer to the Daemons of Slaanesh. Of course, being a Dreadnought, they are incapable of feeling the emotions and pleasure whilst stuck perpetually inside a tank. So the Dreadnought ends up raging in despair...much to the amusement of Slaanesh he/her/itself.

The Pincer Claw is designed to grab its prey and slowly mutilate its victims, however as an actual weapon for warfare, it is relatively poor. It is unable to effectively parry other like-minded weapons and its design makes it poor as both a cutting and bludgeoning weapon.

No wonder why this thing has not seen the light of day.

Khornate Assault Claw[edit]

Khornate Assault Claw

In no way should it be confused with the Kharybdis Assault Claw.

The Chaos Dreadnought Chainfist given a even more Khornate upgrade.

The Khornate Assault Claw is a variant of the standard Contemptor Claw, and is used by Chaos Contemptor Pattern Dreadnoughts dedicated to the Chaos God of blood and war, Khorne. The Khornate Assault Claw replaces the standard Power Claw's fingers with miniature Chain Weapons, making it especially devastating against infantry.

Like most Contemptor Dreadnought Close Combat Weapons the Contemptor Chain Fist is also armed with a Combi-Bolter slotted within its palm. The weapon could also be outfitted with a twin-linked Bolter during the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy-era, or in the case of recently captured or reequipped Dreadnoughts a Storm Bolter.

The Khornate Assault Claw looks like a much more up-to-date and practical weapon than the Slaaneshi Dreadnought Pincer Claw.

Reaper Chaintalon[edit]

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Reaper Chaintalon

The Reaper Chaintalon is a new weapon shown on March 24, 2022.

These things are the primary weapon for the Chaos Knights. Specifically for the smaller War Dogs such as the War Dog Knight Karnivore or the War Dog Knight Stalker, so they can use it for sweeping away lesser chaff.

The Chaintalon is essentially the sibling of the Armiger's Reaper Chain-Cleaver, although in terms of its shape and performance, it is more accurate to call it as a miniature Reaper Chainsword.

Brass Scorpion Pincer Claw[edit]

Brass Scorpion Pincer Claw

The giant Pincer Claws found on the Brass Scorpion.

Each of these claws are fully capable of tearing armored vehicles into pieces and wiping out entire infantry squads in one fell sweep. The creature's claws are protected on their outer sides by large Warp-forged alloy shields.

When the beast places its claws in front of itself, these shields are able to protect its entire body from harm. The Claws also feature three large in-built Chain Weapons, allowing them to cause even more damage during combat. There also exist variants of the Brass Scorpion outfitted with massive spinning blades instead of pincers.

Great Cleaver of Khorne[edit]

Great Cleaver of Khorne

Axe of Khorne on acid or a Chain Axe that has overfed on growth hormones.

A Great Cleaver of Khorne is a Daemon Weapon in the form of a massive warp-forged Chainaxe that is wielded by the Lord of Skulls and Kytan Daemon Engine. Like the Lord of Skulls that wields it, the Great Cleaver of Khorne is festooned with the remains of its victims, their skulls forever trapped within. The weapon is large enough that the Lord of Skulls can make use of it as easily as if it was a normal-sized melee weapon, and is capable of tearing apart tanks as if they were human heads. The Great Cleaver is fully capable of cutting off the legs of TITANS and taking out entire groups of heavy infantry. It is a weapon forged from murder and rage -- and it delivers the very same to its victims.

When activated, the Great Cleaver will erupt/ripple with eldritch power, the teeth rotating so fast as to become a blurred edge.


Eldar Variants[edit]

Scorpion Chainsword[edit]

Scorpion Chainsword

An Eldar variant of the Chainsword fielded by the Striking Scorpions. It's like the Imperial Chainsword but incorporates advanced equipment that increases the wielder's strength and incorporates a sleeker, less bulky design.

There's been fluff that suggests they are actually a lot more advanced than Imperial chainswords, consisting of a heavily serrated 41st millennium mono-molecular blade which doesn't whirl around most of the time. Rather, upon hitting an opponent, and the blade gets stuck in their body/armor, THAT's when it goes all chainsaw, ripping armor and people apart and ensuring that the blade doesn't ever get stuck in someone; it'll either go through them or at least rip whatever it's stuck in enough to be pulled out, while also being a lot quieter since the motor's not constantly humming.


Chainsabre, Dragon's Tooth

One of the Scorpion Exarch's unique variation of the Scorpion Chainsword. Chainsabres are unique weaponry used by Striking Scorpion Exarchs. These Chainswords are paired with ancient gauntlets which incorporate twin-linked Shuriken Pistols. Exarchs who use these weapons train to wield two of them at once, allowing them to level an unrelenting storm of attacks upon their opponent.

On the tabletop 8th edition, the Chainsabres are two one-handed chain weapons that can land a truly staggering amount of blows on a target. In melee they function the exact same as the Scorpion Chainsword, though these will grant another melee attack and have the Shuriken Pistol profile for your ranged attacks. Considered the most versatile of the bunch.

Biting Blade[edit]

Biting Blade

One of the Scorpion Exarch's unique variation of the Scorpion Chainsword. Essentially the Eldar copy of the Eviscerator. Biting Blades are large, two-handed, long-bladed Chainswords reminiscent of the massive Eviscerators used by zealots within the Imperium. However, where Imperial Eviscerators are heavy, noisy machines, Biting Blades are slender and quiet, but no less deadly for their relatively light weight. The advanced monomolecular-edged teeth of the blade tear through flesh as though it were parchment and equally shred bone and armor, easily cleaving a man-size target in two.

On the tabletop, the Biting Blade is a massive two-handed weapon whose effectiveness increases as a target is hit. Basically it is a two handed Chainsword that bumps up to S+2 (S5) AP-1 and 2 D compared to the run of the mill Scorpion Chainsword. The least expensive of the Exarch's selections, but it also costs him both his pistol and Scorpion Chainsword to use.

Ork Variants[edit]

Chain Choppa[edit]

Chain Choppa

The Chain Choppa is the Ork version of the chainsword. The weapon is a handheld chainsaw (though it sometimes takes the form of a sword or axe) used for almost anything. Really, you name it. In a pinch it can stand in for anything ranging from a weapon to a household tool.

Regular garden variety Ork Boyz rarely have these weapons, while richer Orks like the Warboss or a Nob might have it because it's killy and flash. Many are simply war trophies picked up from loyalist and traitor Space Marines.

Big Chain Choppa[edit]

Big Chain Choppa

The Chain Hammer of the Ork Horde.

Sometimes simply called the Ork Chainaxe. It is basically a Big Choppa with a motor system attached to it. Like the smaller Chain Choppa, certain Orks prefer this over the average Big Choppa due to the amount or carnage it can spew out.

The sheer size and relative complexity in making one means that only the biggest, strongest and wealthiest Orks could purchase one, like Nobs, Meganobs, Warbosses and Warlords. Like most Ork weapons, there are no standardization for the Big Chain Choppa.



Not to be confused with the similarly named Krusha

The Ork's Dreadnought Chainfist.

An oversized set of mechanical Chain Klaws which may or may not be the unholy lovechild of a Dread Klaw and a Chain Choppa.

The Crushas are basically the little brother of the Klaw of Gork/Mork and are meant to rip apart armored opponents with its pneumatic strength and powered piercing pincers. Whether they are actually Power Weapons is not known. What is known is that they feature a built-in Chain Weapon on the Klaws which can enable the Deff Dread to both capture and rip apart enemies at the same time.

Despite this, they are grouped all under the Killa Kan/Deff Dread Close Combat Weapons and thus, all share the same profile of a Dread Klaw/Kan Klaw (Depending on the walker using them). Which means that this non-Power Weapons share the same function as an actual Power Weapon. Although at the very least, the Crusha could at least be hand waved to function like the Chainfist.



The Orks saw the Imperium's Titan-sized Chainfists and proceeded to one-up them in both length, size and girth.

A giant ECKSBAWKSHUEG Chainsword that are mounted only on biggest Ork walkers - from Stompas to Gargants and to see one in action is to witness a truly apocalyptic scene. These Mega-Choppas are designed to grind and rip apart enemy Titans with several swoops.

On tabletop, the Mega-Choppa is a Stompa's go-to carving weapon. It comes with 2 attack profiles. The first one is Smash which double's a Stompa's strength. Has a -5 AP. Causes 6 wounds per hit. Double S is inconsequential as there is nothing with T10. 6 wounds guaranteed are nice if you need exactly that, but more attacks are usually better. So you might want to use it for -5AP mostly.

The second attack profile is Slash which is only user-Strength, with a somehow lower AP than a Power Klaw (-2 as opposed to a klaw's -3), does D3 wounds per hit instead of the Smash's 6, BUT it lets you make 3 hit rolls for each Attack.

Notable Chainweapons[edit]

The mêlée weaponry of the 41st millennium offer a variety of implements for violently lacerating the opposition

Storm's Teeth - Take Guts' DragonSlayer, turn it into a Chainsword, and then make it Bigger so only a Primarch can use it. Thats Storm's Teeth. Used by Rogal Dorn himself, it was said to be Dorn's favored weapon and is what he used against Alpharius some random Legionary. He also broke it when he found the Emperor barely alive after his duel with Horus, but that's fine since its remains would be used to create the sword used by the Black Templars High Marshal.

The Wolf Blade - Not actually a space wolf weapon, it was another great bloody chainsword used by Lion El'Jonson. I was an ancient relic weapon found in the halls of "The Order" on Caliban but it was too big for anyone other than the Lion to use (begs the question why anyone would make a sword to big for a human but just right for a 10' demi-god without any knowledge of the primarchs). He would swap between using this and the Lions Sword during the Crusade and Heresy.

Frostfang - An ancient chainsword used by Ragnar Blackmane. The techniques used to make it were kept a secret by Fergus Forgrim to his deathbed so no one knows how it was made, because it's not like that could have been important or helpful later, right?

Gorefather and Gorechild - THE BEST WEAPONS IN THE WHOLE OF 40K *BLAM* *BLAM* DOUBLE HERESY!Two chainaxes used by Angron during the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy. The teeth of these weapons came from a MOTHERFUCKING MICA-DRAGON, and are lubricated by BLOOD (these weapons are so metal, they bring envy to the Iron Hands and Iron Warriors). Gorechild is currently being used by that Swell guy, and Gorefather is nowhere to be seen, but it might show up again was sadly destroyed on Armatura during the Horus Heresy is a relic you can give to your dudes!!

Teeth of Terra - Origin unknown, and with a tendency to show up in possession of many different chapters and disappear just as quickly, the Teeth of Terra is an ancient chainsword with obsidian teeth. It strikes hard and deep and allows the bearer to swing in huge, sweeping arcs.

Blood Reaver - An Eviscerator wielded by Gabriel Seth. Because nothing says rip and tear like a fuckheug chainsword, and the Flesh Tearers are masters of that particular craft.


Video Links[edit]

DIY Chainsword, Blood Angel variant

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Bloody'Uge Exploshunz!:
Ballistics: Belly Gun - Cluster Buster - Deffstorm Mega-Shoota - Deth Kannon - Gigashoota
Grot Bomms - Gut Buster Mega-Kannon - Soopagun - Supa-Gatler - Supa-Rokkits
Skullkrusha Mega-Cannon - Krooz Missiles
Directed-Energy: Snapper - Soopa Zzap Gun - Gaze of Mork
Incendiary: Flamebelcha - Splasha Attack Gun
Gravitational: Lifta-Droppa - Supa-Lifta-Droppa
Other: Pulsa Rokkit
Planet-Zoggin Krackars!:
Ballistics: Ship Gunz - Heavy Ship Gunz - Mega-Kannon - Torpedo
Directed-Energy: Zzap Kannon
Choppy Bitz: Choppa - Ork Chain Weapons - Ork Power Weapons - Runtherd Equipment
Miscellaneous Klose Kombat Weapons
Bangas and Boom!: Stikkbomb - Burna Bottle - Tankbusta Bomb - Bigbomm - Bomm - Burna Bomb
Boom Bomb - Repulsor Mine - Mega Bomb - 'Gantbuster Bomb