Chakats Meet the Hammer of the Emperor

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A bit of writefaggotry:

Ages ago, I was playing in a Dark Heresy game online with a few friends. The DM was a newb, one who hadn't done much DMing yet, but the campaign he had run so far was pretty bad-ass, and we had a pretty good time in the first dozen or two sessions. Everything was building up to something, and we were anxiously looking forward to what was to come.

Anyway, we are assigned by the Governor-General of an orbital platform over an Imperial World to go investigate an Inquisition courier ship that has drifted into the system, seemingly without power, and with bizarre readings coming from it. As we're all fucking Stormtroopers, we all get ready and are launched at the fucking thing in a series of boarding torpedoes when the ship fails to respond to repeated queries from Imperial forces, and we all storm out and into the hallways of the offlined cruiser, finding it loaded with bodies - the Imperial Guard unit assigned to the Inquisitor on a mission to investigate a space hulk - a space hulk that had apparently been home to some Tyranids. Now waist-deep in Genestealers, we began to sweep the decks, using our Meltas and Flamers to clear the tunnels as we worked our way towards the Bridge in an attempt to figure out what, in the Emperor's name, had happened down here. Ammo wasn't in short supply; the downed guardsmen and acolytes provided us with ample munitions, and in short order we had a suite of weaponry with which to deal with the beasts. We knew from Tabletop that the first rule of fighting these things was to never let them get close, so we took full advantage of our considerable firepower to focus fire and take the creatures down piecemeal.

So we finally get to the bridge, with only one of our group really all that injured (due to a Plasma Gun malfunction no less), and we find out that the Ordos Xenos inquisitor had discovered a heretofore-unknown sentient life-form and was transporting it to a base on the other side of the system for study, when a series of power failures occurred, and the ship was overwhelmed. We discovered a techpriest Enginseer, one of the ship's only survivors, who informed us that a Mycetic Spore had crashed into the tail end of the ship, and was the source of the 'Nids. Loading up with as much firepower as we could carry, we moved forward, blasting the fuck out of every insufferable Xeno that crossed our path, and we made our way to the containment area, where the specimen the Inquisitor obtained was being held. The stasis fields held, thanks to the ship's auxiliary power, and with help we got the doors open. What we encountered was not what we expected.

The GM goes into a lengthy description of this specimen, an apparently-female lion-taur beast. Although I (and many others in my group) were not aware of it, we had just had our first encounter with a Chakat. Fighting back revulsion, I quickly realized that this creature was obviously some plot-critical NPC, since it "had an aura which set us at ease," and could communicate with us via telepathy. By this point, all of us realized what was going on, and we were having none of it. The creature beseeched us to free it from its bonds, and it swore it would help us stave off the Tyranids that were flooding the ship, and she claimed they were a vanguard organism for a larger hive-fleet. This set off warning bells, and the youngest of our Stormtrooper group immediately found it curious that the beast knew about the Tyranids on the ship.

At about this point, the Techpriest, perhaps a bit desperate for the DM to have one chance to handle this like a man and not shoe-horn in super special furry race 9000, argued that we'd perhaps be better off sealing the chamber, clearing the 'Nids, and getting the ship back to the Inquisition. I then argued that if this beast knew of the Tyranids on the ship, and knew of the burgeoning hive-fleet, then it knew about the Mycetic Spore that hit the ship and was more than likely some newly-engineered vanguard organism sent by the hive-fleet. The Techpriest grudgingly agreed with us, and the Chakat died screaming in an incandescent volley of Plasma Gun fire from the entire squad.

The campaign imploded soon after this incident, and we only gamed two more times after this. The DM was pissed. But we had done our job, as the Emperor had demanded of us. And in that, we took solace.

Purge the Mutant. Destroy the Alien. Eradicate the Heretic. Burn the Furry.