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Chamon is the Realm of Metal. It’s the homeland of alchemy, and as such little if anything about it is permanent. It is constantly shifting, as different regions and subrealms move around, interact with each other or even appear and disappear. Unlike the other mortal realms, instead of being a flat plane Chamon consists of many continents suspended in its firmament, linked together by portals.


The earliest known thing to happen in Chamon was Sigmar finding the Duardin gods Grimnir and Grungni imprisoned and releasing them. While Grungni went to Aqshy to fight Vulcatrix, Grungni stayed in Chamon, where he crafted various wonders for the humans and Duardin who lived there. It is said that as he labored, his breath turned into the clouds of Aether-Gold that float through the realm. Eventually he would leave Chamon to go to Azyr and fufill the debt he felt he owed to Sigmar, as he believed that if his worshippers grew too reliant on him they would become weak.

Many great nations grew in Chamon; the Khazalid Empire, the city of Elixia and Metallurgica to name a few. Much of it was powered by the miraculous substance commonly called Chamonite, the Realmstone of Chamon, which became so valuable a single droplet was worth an entire chest of gold coins. The rulers and merchant-princes of Chamon became extremely rich, much to the envy of the lower class. Unfortunately, their prayers for change gained the attention of Tzeentch.

When the Godbeast known as the Lode-Griffon crashed into the Godwrought Isles, the magnetic field it generates causes widespread havoc, to the point that the perfectly geometric isles were distorted into the Spiral Crux. Eventually, a cabal of nine sorcerers came up with a scheme to slay the Lode-Griffon by casting a spell that would transmute it into gold. However, one of the sorcerers was secretly one of Tzeentch's Gaunt Summoners, who corrupted the ritual to tear a massive portal to the Realm of Tzeentch above the Griffon's Eyrie. Thus began the Age of Chaos in Chamon.

The Age of Chaos saw the Khazalid Empire devastated by hordes of Skaven and Disciples of Tzeentch, their prayers to Grungni unanswered. Seeing no safe refuge on the earth, many of them started creating floating cities to escape the carnage. Grungni had not answered his children's prayers because he believed it would make them stronger; arguably he was successful in this regard, because those Duardin he abandoned would become the Kharadron Overlords, the most advanced civillization in the Mortal Realms. Still, permanent damage was done to both parties; the Kharadron forsook the gods who abandoned them, while Grungni was consumed by guilt for not helping his children, eventually causing him to enter voluntary exile.

Chamon was one of the first realms along with Aqshy and Ghyran to witness the arrival of the Stormcast Eternals during the Realmgate Wars. Their most notable battle was the quest to reclaim Sigmar's lost hammer Ghal-Maraz, which had been taken by a Tzeentchian sorcerer who had a scheme to use it to power his ritual to corrupt every Realmgate in Chamon so it would lead to Tzeentch's labyrinth, sucking the entire realm into the Realm of Chaos. During the battle for the All-Gates, the forces of Chaos managed to hold onto the Chamon gate primarily because it was the one that Archaon defended in person.

A notable event that happened in Chamon is the rise of the Gloomspite warlord Skragrott the Loonking, who not only managed to conquer the land of Ayadah but also managed to blot out the sun there, becoming the first grot to usher in the Everdank. The most recent event is that Nagash's boney boys have set up shop on the realm's edge and started clashing with the local Seraphon there to try and get some sweet dinosaur bones.

Forces of Chamon[edit]


As previously stated, the conniving cuttlefish would very much like to get his grubby little claws on the realm, and his forces control much of it. They once even managed to hide Sigmar's hammer there, but while the Stormcasts got it back Chamon is still a mostly Tzeentch-dominated realm

Flesh-Eater Courts[edit]

Chamon is home to the Hollowmourne Grand Court. It was once a group of noble crusading knights, but after the Age of Chaos, they became little more than a band of roving Crypt Horrors looking for treasure.

Kharadron Overlords[edit]

The Sky-Dorfs originated from Chamon, as they are all descendants of those brave and enterprising Duardin that decided they were going to be steampunk.

Gloomspite Gitz[edit]

Skragrott’s main base of power is in the Realm of Metal, specifically the region of Ayadah and the grot-city of Skrappa Spill. In the Age of Myth, Skrappa Spill was the birthplace of gnoblars, who regularly rummaged through the hills of junk and garbage for stuff to throw at each other. Although, as evidenced in the novel Gloomspite, he has enough time to piss off to Aqshy to screw over small cities.


The Thunder Lizard Constellation (the one known for having shit tons of Stegadons) guards the more mercurial outer edges of the realm, most often from those nasty skeleton men.

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