Chaos Harvester

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– What every driver of this thing says before going on the move.

What happens when you mix Chaos with Jebbediah's super road roller? An absolutely ridiculous contraption that looks like Dio Brando's wet dream come to life. Swapping out the machinations of flattening grain for a food harvest to flattening people for a blood harvest. This thing is stupidly idiotic, with an ECKS BAWKS HUEG steam roller that would make most Ork Goff Rock-an-Rollas blush in shame.

Seeing as how it is literally a Khornate-modified Imperial Grain Harvester and therefore, a civilian vehicle, the jittering Khornate meth-heads have to improvise. Fortunately for them, this over-glorified bread maker is a pretty big vehicle with the aforementioned giant rolling pin it is attached with. They probably swapped out the engine or supercharged it with Chaos juice so that they could use it to properly and proverbially flatten anyone into tomatoe paste.

Unfortunately for Chaos, they were on Nova Thulium, a planet at the heart of Smurf-land, so the Chaos Cultists immediately got their asses krumped by Papa Smurf and friends. The vehicle does possess a command bridge, where the captain is hardwired ala a Throne Mechanicum from the likes of the Collegia Titanica, except, instead of mentally battling/taming the Machine Spirit of a bloodthirsty and war happy 50+ meter tall Emperor Battle Titan, the captain would most likely be battling the Machine Spirit equivalent of a senile Old McDonalds.

  • Height: 38.4m
  • Length: 60.3m
  • Mass: 60-70 kilotonnes approx
  • Crew: 400-500 crew; approx
  • Max Speed: 30-50kph; approx
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