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The Chaos Pretty Marines are Pretty Marines who have fallen to the worship of the ruinous powers of Chaos - specifically the hedonistic chaos god Slaanesh. They spend most of their time trying to have sex with anything possessing a suitable orifice. The Emperor's Children Legions consider them to be posers and mock them for it every day. The World Eaters kill them extra-extra hard for being even bigger prissy little faggots than the Emperor's Children, which is saying a lot, indeed Kharn flew into a rage upon seeing them during a black crusade and killed 250 of them in one day, but Angron took the cake by killing over 900 of them when they asked to come along in his dominion of fire campaign and took their Chaos Chapter Master and Chief-Sorcerer and flung them into a black hole which crippled their numbers to the point that they aren't able to join any black crusades.

There he(?) is!

Shota Rape[edit]

Part One[edit]

We were in the middle of combat during an assault on the Fortress world of Cadia. We were trying to locate the the ignorant fools we once called brethren, when I caught eye of him. One of their scouts. Unlike other chapters, the Pretty Marines used delicate young boys to scout, due to their fleet footedness and small, quick forms, and their ability to stay hidden. Unfortunately for this one, he wasn't hidden from all. I grinned to myself, baring the sharpened fangs that now filled my mouth, as I was filled with an urge that I would not have felt before Slaanesh granted me his blessings and I was reborn. I moved swiftly, easy sneaking up upon the young boy. In an instant, I was upon him, shoving one of the razor sharp claws of my gauntlet to his throat. "Make a noise and you die." I whispered to him. He obliged me, although he quaked with fear. I grinned again, I loved the fear. Pinning the poor boy against a nearby rockside, I ravaged him quickly, but fiercely and sensually. The whole time, I whispered how much I knew he liked it to him. I filled his young body with my darkness to the point of overflow, and quickly fled back into the shadows. To this day, I snicker to myself, as I think of the reactions his "big brothers" must have had when they found his spent, exhausted form laying there.

Part Two[edit]

It was weeks after my first...let us refer to it as "intimate"...encounter with one of the Pretty Marine's scouts. We had fled from Cadia, judging to be a lost cause, and judging that none of us could serve Slaanesh dead. We were currently entrenched deep in an endless series of caves on some god forsaken rock, using them to quickly and efficiently dispatch any Imperium fools that dared try to find us. Despite our secure position, the majority of us were uneasy. There were few Daemonettes with us, and one would be extremely lucky if one could ever get a hold of one of them before a brethren did. I wandered the patrol path, and grumbled as I tried to move my mind away from the burning urge that seemed to consume every cell of my body. Occasionally I would bite my lip, my sharp teeth easily piercing the soft flesh, allowing drops of beautiful red blood to run down my chin. The pain was both enjoyable, and aided to take my mind off other things, although I was disappointed I had neither a sufficient light source nor a mirror to view the blood take it's path down my chin and eventually onto the cold gray stone beneath my feet.

From behind me I heard the footsteps of a fellow servant of Slaanesh, and turned to face them. I was informed that Space Marines had been sent to pry us from our positions, and not just any Space Marines, the Pretty Marines. A wide grin spread across my face, as my mind filled with the possibilities of preying upon the soft supple flesh of one of their scouts once more. My razor pointed teeth parted, as I licked them, excited to the point I once again drew my own blood, but other things were dancing through my head at the moment. I resumed my patrol, paying much closer attention to any sounds or movements than I had previously, now that the potential for a delicious reward was there. Alas, that patrol I was not rewarded, nor was I the next patrol, or the one after that. However, then came the patrol at which my patience paid off. I was nearly complete with this patrol as well, once again disappointed that my power sword would go wanting of a young, tight sheath once again. But as those thoughts passed through my brain, I saw him. A young scout was wandering too far from his group. A scout that, from the look on his face, was almost certainly lost in the depths of this cave.

I stalked him slowly, careful not to alert him of my presence. As I followed him, I realized he was heading straight for a dead end, and a wicked smile crossed my lips. I moved in a flash, crushing his skull probe under my heel as I came upon him, seizing him with ease. I stared into his wide, young eyes, which were quaking with fear, and relished in it. The fear was always one of the best parts. I made no threats against this one, sound was not an issue, we were far from where anyone could hear or help him, and I had been disappointed that the previous one had to be silent anyway. I pushed him to his knees, shoving his face into the cold floor; my sick smile spreading even wider as I heard his sobs. With a flick of my wrists, my claws tore the uniform from his body, as my own armor parted to my will, to free my..."power sword". He continues to sob and beg me to release him, which only made me more eager. I brutally slammed into him, and violated the poor boy for what seemed like an eternity, his loud screams and shrieks failing to reach his companions, but most likely exciting my own. As the time that had passed, and the number of positions used grew, he never once ceased his hopeful cries, begging for one of his beloved big brothers to appear to rescue him, but of course, none did. After I finished with him, I lifted him, and carried him back to base we had set up. No sooner then I had put him down, did others swarm upon him. He was tough for a child, but fell to the influence of Slaanesh easily enough. The first of what will hopefully be many of our own young scouts. And he certainly seems happier now.

~Airo The Violator

Dragonforce Company[edit]

"Ever since splitting from the weakling Pretty Marines and being reborn unto sweet chaos, I and my tainted brothers have sought to deliver the most heinous calamities from the warp onto the foolish Imperium of Man. I recall one particular battle on the planet Goetze in which we unleashed the full fury and glamor of chaos upon a hapless division of Imperial Guard. The weaklings with their tanks and lasguns could do little to curb our dark and beautiful assault. I myself claimed seven sets of Imperial Guard genitals in the coils of my black rose whip within but the first minute of fighting. As our furious charge drove them screaming into a narrow pass, our chaos sorcerers teleported before them and threw open the gates of the warp in the stunned faces of the miserable Imperials. It was a glorious sight...two massive and ethereal hands materialized into existence. With ponderous grace they dug their sharp talons directly into the fabric of reality and slowly...a hole in space appeared between the parting claws. I heard a faint stretching noise as the hole yawned further, revealing the glistening threshold of the warp, which vanished into sudden and infinite darkness. With renewed fervor, our company let out a great howl and drove the demoralized guardsmen straight into the vortex, their tormented cries echoing into the vast abyss..."

-Satoshi the Red Flayer Chaos Pretty Marines, Dragonforce Company


Angry Marine Encounter[edit]

In this, our greatest moment of triumph, when we chemically bombed Planet Romance, and made it our own, when it was mine, MINE, My conquest, I suffered the lowest blow possible. Heed me brothers, for we may be the brightest, most beloved of Slaanesh-

But even ones so loved as we by the Pleasure god must, at times, know limits. Imagine my great pride, stepping amongst the groaning, writhing bodies of the street Confessional, reduced to a mere decoration upon the greater dashboard of our mascara crusade, going through the violet haze, swelling ego and member. I could have taken any prisoner among those captured. I recall a fireman's station was near, and our brothers, yes, Pelvic I do see your hand you can put it down now, yes, Brother Pelvic among the crowd enjoying the finely toned delights offered.

But I, I craved a different taste. Something that would bring me struggle, unlike the chemically bathed planet Romance that I held in my grasp.

Then, I spotted it. The Cafetoriat, choked and weeping with former patrons and staff, save ONE. One of our unenlightened kin. No, not the bastard impostor Pretty Marines. Some, stranger chapter.

Stricken yellow and red he was.

...I don't remember much but when I woke up they put me in a Dreadnought.


-Unnamed One, Former Terminator Chaos Pretty Marine(?)

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