Chaos Siege Carriers

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Who needs giant guns when you have air superiority?

The forces of Chaos, in keeping with their themes and tactics of long-ranged engagements from their Navy, have followed through this doctrine with their groundcraft on land. Unlike the Imperium and Squats which fields fleets of METAL BAWKSES like the Capitol Imperialis and the Cyclops War Machine, the forces of Chaos utilize land-bound aircraft carriers to strike their foes from afar with air superiority.

The landships of Chaos are generally a bit larger and more practical in design. While the Imperium likes to lug around giant mobile cathedrals on treads, the problem is that the majority of them are too damned top-heavy, making sure a single smack from a Titan's powerfist could topple it over. The Siege Carriers from Chaos, however, at at least flatter, which could ensure a lower centre of gravity.

Currently, there is only two confirmed types of carriers utilized by Chaos. Unfortunately, for some reason that could be attributed to a lack of resources, technological expertise, maintenance, or because they require specific situations to be efficient in terms of how difficult they are to transport between planets; they are rarely used.


Siege Carrier[edit]


Iron Warrior Elephant Titan fantastically done by Hammk. Closest we are gonna get to a Donjon concept.

The Donjon Pattern Siege Engines were massive Titan-class Siege Platforms used by the Adeptus Mechanicus during the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy. They were uncommon vehicles, never built in significant numbers owing to their limited tactical utility and difficulty maintaining them. They may or may not be the spiritual successor of the planned but cancelled Aircraft Carrier variant of the Emperor Battle Titan during the early days of Epic.

These massive vehicles were essentially walking aircraft carriers, mounted on four Warlord Titan-class legs. They wielded massive amounts of weaponry and held hundreds of attack craft on its flat-topped flight deck. It was unknown what type of aircraft it launched, but given it was in the Horus Heresy, it would have been largely converted Xiphon Interceptors. During the Siege of Terra the Dark Mechanicum gifted three of these machines to the Emperor's Children for the attack on the Saturnine Gate. Fulgrim's children heavily modified the vehicles, adding large amounts of Sonic Weaponry which of course they did. Then they all got blowed up because Disappointbaddon had been tricked and Saturnine was a trap. Starting as he meant to go on, eh?

It is unknown if Chaos still holds some of these vessels 10,000 years later, although it wouldn't surprise us if the Hereteks kept a few of them for safekeeping.

  • Length: 200-300m approx
  • Weight: 100-150 kilotonnes; approx
  • Crew: 3,000-6,000 crew, 100 pilots and support personnel; approx

Aircraft Carrier[edit]


The land carrier as done by Thananan Pipatchalalai.

First appearing in Double Eagle. Is anyone surprised that the Blood Pact created a giant aircraft carrier? Because of course they have, unlike Failbaddon, these guys are actually fucking Awesome and filled with WIN.

The Aeries-class Aircraft Carrier were over a mile long (1.60934 km) and was heavily armed with multiple anti-aircraft batteries and six defensive cannons. On Enothis, the Imperial forces were getting their ass handed to them by the Blood Pact, with the Enothian air force all but annihilated by the aircraft of the Aircraft Carrier. The Carrier carried a complement of Hell Blades and Hell Talons. The entire story boiled down to 40k's version of Top Gun, which makes this novel Awesome. It was written by Dan Abnett, is anyone surprise?

All current artwork of these ships was done by the absolute chadman artist himself, Thananan Pipatchalalai. His works can be seen here:

  • Length: 1.6-2km approx
  • Weight: 5-7 megatonnes; approx
  • Crew: 20,000 crew, 2,400 pilots and support personnel; approx
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