Chaos Wastes

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The Chaos Wastes are the Warhammer Fantasy equivalent of the Eye of Terror, large areas of land at the North and South Poles where The Warp and the material world intersect. Said areas are crawling with Daemons and similar unpleasantness.

When the compass stops working, you know you're in the right place

Northern Chaos Wastes[edit]

The more dangerous of the two, due to having a strong connection with Old World and Naggaroth. It's pretty vast and cold, and is populated by Daemons and their human worshipers from Norse, Kurgan and Hung tribes. It's a place where Chaos Gods play their Great Game, trying to achieve total domination (or maybe to troll themselves, but who knows), and due to that, most of the Wastes are a place of constant wars and battles between the followers of Khorne, Slaanesh, Nurgle and Tzeentch. Most of humans who worship Chaos regard it as Holy Land, and actively try to travel to the Pole just meet the Gods themselves. Sometimes, one guy can unite the warring tribes to attack the decadent southerners, but it's pretty rare, so most of the time it's pretty isolated from the world.

Southern Chaos Wastes[edit]

Beastmen live here. And not just an average ones. They are hybrids of Beasts and Daemons, even stronger and angrier than their northern relatives. Thankfully, the southern continent is separated by the sea, and the ones that try to invade other lands are usually defeated by the High Elves, which have an outpost here at the northern most peninsula known as the Gates of Calith.


Not really a part of the Chaos Wastes proper, but still worth mentioning with them, since it lies directly at the doorstep of the northern wastes. Fuckhuge peninsula, full of manly-as-fuck barbarians that love to raid the northern coast lines of the old world across the Sea of Chaos. By all accounts, an inhospitable and bleak land that only Naggaroth could rival in terms of how shitty it is to exist there. Harsh winters and the constant gale of pure Chaos magic coming from the Northern Wastes make sure it stays that way. Only the Norscans themselves could bear to live here and even they do so at great personal risk.

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