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If your Chapter Master isn't smoking a pack of cigars whilst in combat, then your Chapter Master is doing it wrong.

In Warhammer 40,000, a Chapter of Space Marines is led by its Chapter Master. Chapter Masters are among the most experienced Marines in the Imperium and supremely skilled in warfare. They often have many centuries under their belt, including many years of service as a Company Captain. He is a true scion of the Emperor of Mankind, heir to the strength and fortitude possessed by his genetic forebears, the Primarchs. Centuries of combat gained from time spent throughout the various ranks of the Chapter have taught him valuable lessons in the art of war, trained him in the various facets of military strategy and honed his martial instincts to the level of near pre-cognizance.

They're usually elected to the position by the other Captains or Veterans of their Chapter after the previous Chapter Master vacates the post, although, in practice, the First Captain usually ends up getting the job. If a Captain accomplishes something extremely noteworthy while his Chapter Master is still around, his name may be put forward to lead a new Chapter at the next Founding.

The Chapter Master's responsibilities do not end with his Marines; he is also in charge of the chapter's non-Marine personnel, known as Chapter Serfs, and the many organizations surrounding his Chapter, like the Planetary Defense Force and Navy fleets of his Chapter's homeworld (if they have one).

Some Chapter Masters have adopted additional responsibilities by combining their ranks with one or more of the other highest ranks of their Chapter. For instance, several Masters of the Blood Ravens (who are renowned for the obsessive search for knowledge) have combined the title and duties of Chapter Master and Chief Librarian (Which ended pretty badly once a certain sleep deprived psyker with a unusual love of Khorne came into power).

I Can't Believe It's Not Chapter Master™[edit]

Non-Codex Astartes Chapters may use other terms for their senior officer, or may not have one senior officer at all, if they are ruled by a council. Some other titles used include:


As the big boss of an entire army of testosterone-fueled supermen, it is of common sight to see the Chapter Master be armed with a plethora of high quality and absolutely destructive weaponry. Do not be surprised to see a Chapter Master duel-wielding heavy flamers or heavy bolters, weapons that even Space Marines have trouble controlling. Additionally in terms of defense, a Chapter Master is always seen wearing a master crafted piece of armor to denote his position. In most cases, a Chapter Master typically dons Terminator armor for maximum protection, although it isn't uncommon for them to trade protection for maneuverability by wearing artificer armor instead (Just look at Dante and his fabulous packs for example). Iron Halos also seem to be standard-issue, not surprising given they have performed many great deeds during their lifetime of service. Most Chapter Masters like to be accompanied by rare and powerful vehicles with some even driving said vehicles into battle, like the Khans of the White Scars.

The skill and prowess whilst powerful, differ from chapter to chapter in the same way the fighting doctrine of each Space Marine chapters differ. You will have Chapter Masters who are extremely skilled in covert and guerilla warfare like those from the Raven Guard, you have Chapter Masters skilled in tactical warfare like the Ultramarines and Dark Angels, or you can have Chapter Masters who go face into combat, tearing the enemies of mankind a new asshole like those seen by the Space Wolves or Blood Angels. In either case, however, a Chapter Master's entire life has been one big fight after another, so he will be a daunting opponent to face against, regardless of what strategy is used against him.

Notable Chapter Masters[edit]

Your typical Chapter Master. The blingier and bulkier, the better.

There is a boat load of Chapter Masters, so here are some of the most note worthy Chapter Masters that /tg/ adores.

See Also[edit]

  • Chapter Master: A Chapter Management Simulation is a game unfortunately no longer in development where you get to be the Chapter Master of your own Space Marine chapter and lead them to victory, or (much more likely) get wiped out hilariously.
  • Watch Master: The Deathwatch equivalent of Chapter Masters, but the DW get to have a lot of them, because that's how they roll.
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