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CharOp is the abbreviation commonly used to refer to the Character Optimisation board on Wizards of the Coast's official forums. It is was where players of WotC's games, usually Dungeons & Dragons of variable edition, united in order to try and break the fuck out of the system any way they can. CharOp is responsible for finding most of the exploitable loopholes and badly-thought-through features in D&D, creating character builds such as Pun-Pun, designing infinite feedback loops that make people infinitely good at something, and otherwise stacking bonuses in unexpected ways to break the game utterly. The only purpose of discourse is to make the best character possible; having a given concept actually make sense is mostly irrelevant, so a CharOp player would gladly use a half-orc wizard or halfing fighter even though it doesn't make sense in the lore or the system, if there were any loophole that would allow for it to be effective.

CharOp can be useful for learning about a Class you've never played, but using them in an actual campaign makes you that guy unless your DM is fine with it.

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