Charnovokh Dynasty

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Charnovokh Dynasty


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Fragmented and Scattered,
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Various Lords and Overlords

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The Charnovokh Dynasty is located in the Eastern Fringe and is known for one thing and one thing only. They got wrecked by Tyranids when they were still sleeping. Their crypts have been overrun by the burrowing organisms of the Great Devourer...somehow....despite being made of materials inedible to Tyranids. To make matters worse, many of their Tomb Worlds have been defiled by the Imperium, unwise settlers building high upon a foundation of slumbering doom to come. Unfair, I know, but such is life. Thus, the leaders of the Charnovokh Dynasty are getting their shit together and reclaiming their shattered power and glories.


Map of the Charnovokh Dynasty

Because most of their coreworlds were destroyed, it is safe to assume that their Phaeron also kicked the bucket when he was sleeping. Thus, the dynasty is currently in the hands of various Overlords and Necron Lords who both self-govern their respective chunk of the dynastic territory. They then establish diplomatic contact with one another to avoid further unnecessary interstate bloodshed. Similar to that of a federation. The dynasty is currently marshalling its remaining forces with only the strong having survived their misfortunes. As the Lords and Overlords put aside their petty differences, they are finding their mismatched legions are still pretty damned elite indeed.

The livery of the Charnovokh dynasty honors the coreworlds lost to these attacks, with all of their warriors bearing the colors of Night Unending to some degree. The more prestigious the Necron's rank, the more of this deep blue adorns their carapace, with phaeron Thoekh's entire frame clad in midnight blue. The Charnovokh symbol represents the original three coreworlds and surrounding outer planets of the dynasty, although only a small fraction of these worlds now remain.

Still, despite the devastation, the Charnovokh Dynasty is a pretty large entity, albeit scattered and fragmented. Although each of these physical territories are smaller than Ultramar, if taken together, their astrological territories prove to be one of the larger Necron Dynasties still around and kicking. They just need to get their collective jimmies together and form a cohesive leadership first and foremost.

Their current capital is Bardic.

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