Chosen of Hecate

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Chosen of Hecate
Chosen of Hecate.png
Number VIII
Founding First Founding
Successors of N/A
Successor Chapters WIP
Chapter Master WIP
Primarch Lambach Kropor
Homeworld Miletus
Strength 80,000
Specialty WIP
Allegiance Traitor Nurgle
Colours Bleached Bone, Obsidian Black

This page details people, events, and organisations from Warmasters Triumvirate, a fan re-working of the Warhammer 40,000 Universe. See the Warmasters Triumvirate page for more information on the Alternate Universe.

The Chosen of Hecate were the VIIIth Legiones Astartes. Led by Lambach Kropor.


Pre-Primarch History & Reunion[edit]

Prior to being reunited with Lambach Kropor the Chosen of Hecate were known as the Warpclaws legion and their armour was painted a solid dark green.

The Warpclaws fought on many battlefronts in search of their missing father with noted stoicism and dependability to get the job done. While they preformed admirably on the battlefield the Legion began to show a weakness. An inability to replace their dwindling numbers as fast as was required. This was in part due to the lack of a stable recruiting ground that the Legion could call home. The Warpclaws would pick up potential aspirants on any world they liberated and then move on to the next. Another major factor was that The Warpclaws gene-seed was incredibly slow to mature and reproduce.

So it was that by the time the Legion was reunited with Lambach the Warpclaws numbered only a few thousand in strength and was considered little more than a skirmish force. Upon claiming the World of Miletus and the surrounding sector as the Legions base of operations and following Lambach's masterful directions on the field of battle the newly renamed Chosen of Hecate's numbers began to swell for the first time since the onset of the Great Crusade.

The Great Crusade[edit]

Once finally reunited with and renamed by Lambach Kropor the Chosen of Hecate Legion was still deemed too small a force to strike out on their own. Until they could reach a force size high enough to be reckoned with alone the Chosen of Hecate would fight alongside their brothers of the Silver Blades. While the 414th expeditionary fleet would be managed by the Titan Marchers. Working so closely with these two Legions would ultimately cause the three Primarch brothers and by association their Gene-sons to become an incredibly close knit trio of Legions, even after the three legions would head their separate ways it was not an uncommon sight to see a small force of Chosen of Hecate working alongside these brothers and vice versa.

It would be almost twenty years after their renaming that the Legion could stand on their own. The Chosen of Hecate would fight alongside the Silver Blades, Ussaran Liberators and the vaunted Emperor’s Dragoon during the compliance of a xenos controlled system. Little documentation survived on this conflict save for the fact the previous First Captain was slain in the battle and Radcliff Kaden was unsurprisingly promoted to the position. It was after this that Lambach decided his legion was strong enough to stand alone and retake the reigns of the 414th fleet.

During the Crusade the Chosen of Hecate would integrate many worlds into the Imperium and while they failed to attain the some levels of glory and renown garnered by some of the other legions The Chosen still had an impressive field record. Primarily the Legion would be deployed against forces that hosted large numbers of psykers as the Chosen's experience in neutralizing such a threat was second to none. In one such occasion Lambach and his legion would earn the respect and favor of future Warmaster Je'she.

During the course of the Crusade Lambach would acquire for his legion a large influx of Dreadnought relics and at their peak strength the Chosen of Hecate would boast more of these venerable artifacts than any other legion. Retention and veneration of knowledge, wisdom and experience was held in the highest regard. Aspirants with psychic potential were also highly valued and sought after. The number of Chosen with warp gifts also soared compared to those of most other legions

Such was the trust Lambach placed in first captain Kaden's abilities that often times he would leave the fleet under Kaden's full command whilst the Primarch would chase down his own agendas and quests. Lambach would often be seperated from the legion for great periods of time, most notably whilst working with his brother Primarchs Calael Bishop and Pacha to instate the Librarian program throughout the legions. Such a burden was shouldered by the first captain with the dogged determination and skill he had become famed for and while Lambach may have earned the scorn of some of his brothers as unfit to lead, Kaden was afforded utmost respect.

Overall the Chosen of Hecate enjoyed a largely successful run during the course of the Great Crusade, until the events of the Nikea council bought everything to a grinding halt.


The Brother war for the Chosen of Hecate would start much earlier than most of the other Legions. After the Formation of the Speartip and the death of Radcliff Kaden, Lambach would weave a powerful dark hex in an attempt to return his men to life. However, unknown to Lambach the spell he cast from the book of Hecate (Hecate actually being another older name of Nurgle) would not work as he had intended. While it did return Kaden and his men to life it was little more than a vile mimicry and the fallen Chosen of Hecate warriors would return as violent, single minded automatons with no thought of their own and only the instinct to feed on the flesh of the living. Lambach realized that with little effort he and his gifted sons could calm the minds of these risen marines and direct and channel their actions.

This Dark Ritual would draw towards the Chosen of Hecate the attention of powerful entities that dwelt within the Warp itself. It would also alert Malcador on Terra. Knowing the Dark path Lambach was about to lead his Legion down the Sigillite demanded that newly appointed Warmaster Je'she take action. So it was with heavy heart that the Warmaster would send a combined fleet of Silver Blades and Titan Marchers to hunt the Chosen down, disable the Legion and bring their gene-father to Terra.

The showdown took place on Miletus, the Chosen of Hecate home world. Lambach Kropor hatched a plan to either convert or to cripple the Legions of his two brothers making heavy use of his newfound knowledge on how to control the corpses of the dead. Over confidant in his victory Lambach's plan swiftly fell apart once First Captain Taarush Amen of the Titan Marchers located and shutdown the unit of sorcerers dedicated to maintaining the spell. Broken and defeated The Chosen of Hecate enacted a full retreat of their home world. As unknown to them Lambach sold their souls to Nurgle, the god of death and decay. During this battle Tijo Nosebi, Crispus Parthenios and a score of Chosen who refused to partake in Lambach's ambush also fled Miletus.

Proclaimed renegades by the Imperium at this point the Chosen of Hecate found they were quickly running out of places to hide and Lambach again decided to place faith in another brother. The Battered Chosen fleet made it's way to the Thashunke system. The base of operations for the Soaring Host Legion. Lambach and Elsu had always been close, Lambach's calm, friendly demeanor and acceptance of Elsu's mutations had always penetrated the haze of unbridled fury that surrounded Elsu Eyanosa. Here the Chosen of Hecate would remain in hiding, licking their wounds and coming to terms with their new patrons gifts until the arrival of Warmaster Marduk Engur

Both the Soaring Host and the Chosen of Hecate would agree to join forces with the Leviathan Host, and while the other two legions would attend the Council of New Hope to set Marduk's master plan in motion the Chosen, who were considered renegades could not attend. Hence Lambach assured Marduk that he would take his Legion and either convert or disable the Dusk Phantoms Legion at Grethor.

Again the Chosen of Hecate would lay a trap for their former brothers and again they would be defeated. Unknown to Lambach at the time Tijo Nosebi and the surviving Chosen of Hecate that had fled Miletus with her had bought warning to lord Gyhadred of Lambach's newfound powers and precedent for betrayal. None new better the weak points of the Chosen fleet than Tijo and the Dusk Phantoms set up a counter ambush.

The Chosen of Hecate fleet was shattered and considered neutralized, what Tijo and Gyhadred did not know however was the exact effects Nurgles curse would have on their former allies. While the Dusk Phantoms rushed from the system in order to warn the other Warmasters of Marduk's betrayal the Chosen of Hecate fleet began to stitch itself back together, inexorably slowly, but unrelenting.

Outside much smaller battles and skirmishes the Chosen of Hecate were not engaged on such a large scale again until the Siege of Terra began. Though their Surviving Warpclaws would aid the Loxodontii Stargazers in the creation of the great ruinstorm that would divide the galaxy.

On Terra the Chosen of Hecate were instrumental in the Chaos forces early victories. Summoning fourth great hosts of Daemons and returning every fallen defender of the Imperial palace to servitude once more, this time under Warmaster Marduk Engurs command. Most Notably they seized control of the Eternity Wall space port, allowing much easier access for the Warmasters reserve forces. During this battle Lambach Kropor fought an epic duel with his brother Raj Vokar and succeeded in capturing the Titan Lord. Much to the chagrin of his chaotic brothers Lambach would release Raj instead of slaying him outright.

Ironically it would be the Chaotic nature of the Chaos forces that would result in their own defeat. Deshain Kane would succeed in boarding Raj's Titan and executing the Titan Marcher Primarch. This action drove Lambach into a fury and amid the ruins of the Titan's head Lambach and Linares of the Silver Blades would join forces one final time to banish the newly risen Daemon Primarch of Khorne. Seeing the Gene-sires fighting both the Gunslingers and the Chosen of Hecate turned their guns on each other allowing the Imperial defenders a much needed reprieve that they were quick to capitalize on. The Chaotic forces of Marduk Engur's war fleet began to collapse the Warmaster was left with little choice but for a last ditch headlong charge directly at the Golden Throne.


The Chosen themselves are greatly divided regarding their feelings towards the Father they once loved. Almost half stick by his side and believe that one day the Primarch will unlock the secret to ending their eternal curse. The rest have openly renounced their allegiance to the Legion and strike out on their own in marauding warbands. Selling their services to whichever chaos Warlord pays them the most.

The curse of the Chosen itself ensures that they essentially can never truly be killed. Once Lambach had thrown his lot in with Nurgle he simultaneously ordered the full scale retreat from Miletus' surface. Each individual marine boarding whichever ship in the fleet that they could get too. Unknown to the Legion though Lambach had agreed to let the Chosen of Hecate fleet be host to a multitude of Nurgles Greater Daemons. These powerful beings merged with the machine spirits that powered the ships of the fleet, irreparably corrupting the great ships and bonding to them the souls of all the mortals on board.

These Funeral Fleets, as they have come to be known can never truly be destroyed, left long enough they will slowly regenerate any damage they have taken and begin the assault anew. Even those that are completely atomised are merely banished to the warp realm and with a heinous ritual and great sacrifice banished ships can be re summoned into real space.

The Legionaries themselves who perish on a planet's surface dissolve and inexplicably awaken indistinct amounts of time later on the ship they have bonded too. They find the injuries that had bought them low to have been horrifically and often inadequately repaired by the swarms of Nurglings that infest every inch of the ship, leaving them with a horrendous, ghastly and rotten appearance, those that have been reduced to slag by weapons in the vein of Plasma cannons can take on an exceptionally disgusting visage. Some hide their appearance beneath robes while many find that they can use their newfound features to inspire terror into those they attack.

The favored tactic of the Chosen of Hecate is to swarm lone vessels and infect them with the blight of Nurgle. Bonding the mortal crew into servitude, disgorging wave after wave of plague Zombies onto a planet to overwhelm or wear down the populations defenses. These indentured ships never gain the full extent of the original curse and once they are destroyed in combat they simply remain as such.

Of the Loyalist forces the Titan Marchers in particular despise the Chosen of Hecate and believe that one day they will be given the chance to recover the corpse of their beloved father and will finally get to lay his bones with the rest of the Legions deceased heroes.

Not all Chosen of Hecate would turn to Chaos though, at very least it is known that the Rune Claws chapter of Space Marines that fight for the Separatists faction were forged by the Primarch Gyhadred himself and given a full pardon for the actions of their Gene - sire. It is also rumoured that perhaps one or two successor chapters of the Silver Blades are descendants of Loyalist Chosen.


Miletus. A world at peace well before the arrival of the Primarch. Once, after old night, the settlers of Miletus had worshiped ancient Terran gods and goddesses of Grecian or Roman mythology. Gods like Bellona the goddess of war, and violence. Voluptus the goddess of pleasure and delight, Janus the god of changing times and human advancement and perhaps most noticeably Hecate the goddess of Death, Sorcery and Rebirth. Eventually these gods were seen by the people for what they were, mere myths and legends and nothing more. The Planet stuck to the teachings of these gods as the planet thrived peacefully in doing so but open worship of them was met with disdain and ridicule.

When discovered, relatively close to Terra, on the great Crusade Miletus embraced the Imperial truth and joined the Imperial cause with no struggles. As Lambach Kropor had no need or desire to raise to power and the vast majority of the Imperial forces did not need to spend much time occupying the planet The Primarch was at first missed as he happily continued his everyday life. A Primarch could not hope to escape notice forever though and Lambach was in no way trying to hide. So eventually word reached the Imperial governors who immediately sent reports to The Emperor. The paradise world of beautiful architecture would soon become one of the most important worlds in the Imperium and primary recruiting grounds of the Chosen of Hecate Legion.

Legion Doctrine[edit]

Due to starting the Crusade with only a handful of Marines compared to the other legions, Lambach loathed to see any of his sons wasted. This led to him often leaning towards a more careful and thorough approach to war. He lost as few men as possible in all of his engagements, while those who did fall and weren’t killed almost always being interred in Dreadnoughts. This eventually lead to the Chosen of Hecate Legion fielding vastly more Dreadnoughts than any other Legion. They would favor Dreadnoughts armed with ranged weapons over Devastators and Dreadnoughts armed for close quarters over Assault Marines.

Lambach also saw his sons gifted with Warp energy as a special boon and would actively seek out recruits who displayed such talents. The Chosen of Hecate had so many Librarians that they kept no standing Librarium, instead the Psykers were incorporated directly into the squads, often as Warp Claws.

The Chosen of Hecate were often deployed against enemies of the Imperium that relied heavily on the use of Psykers, witchcraft, sorcery, whatever the local populace referred to such talents as. While many other Legions could become bogged down when facing such an enemy The Chosen of Hecate specialized in their neutralization.

Predominately the Chosen of Hecate would prefer to integrate new worlds into the Imperium and avoid unnecessary conflict. However when no option for peace became readily available the Chosen would go to war with all the terrifying ferocity Space Marines were famous for. It would not be uncommon for individual squads to be accompanied by a Dreadnought elder. The Chosen usually favoring a slow, steady advance alongside these ancients. Forcing the enemy to concede ground until there would be nowhere left to turn. Lambach had instilled in the Chosen a degree of his own thoroughness. Get the job done right the first time, to avoid having to repeat the process.

Legion Culture & Personality[edit]

Outside of combat the vast majority of the Chosen of Hecate Legionaries would follow in the footsteps of their gene-father. Seeking out and absorbing knowledge of all kinds in which ever form it could be found. Generally they would seek ways to further the use of psychically talented in any way possible, be it warfare, medicine or some other end. The more war oriented would study tactics and battlefield maneuvers. To A Chosen of Hecate knowledge quite literally was power.

Still far removed from the mortals they were sworn to protect Chosen of Hecate, unlike most other legions were encouraged to maintain family ties and when time afforded would spend time among the general populace. This at first came as a shock to the older generations of Chosen who hailed from the Legion's time as the Warp Claws but Lambach strongly believed in encouraging humility among his sons and realized how easy it may be to forget that the entire reason for the Astartes existence in the first place was as protectors of the non augmented humans not as their rulers. Lambach had hoped to the idea that after the Great Crusade was little more than history that his marines would be able to reintegrate back into society as professions other than warriors.

This trait led to the Chosen of Hecate being one of the more approachable Legions by the mortal populace and allowed them to stand shoulder to shoulder with the other Legions such as the Sentinels and the Ussaran Liberators. Held in high regard by the Imperial Citizens.

Gene-seed flaws[edit]

The Gene-seed of The Chosen of Hecate was considered incredibly pure. With no recorded deviations or mutations. The only notable exception was how long the Gene-seed would take to mature. This was believed to be the course of thoroughness the Legion and it's Primarch were famed for, as much like the Legion it was slow and deliberate leaving no room for error or mistakes. It was a leading factor in the relatively low numbers of The Chosen of Hecate Legion as a whole.

Legion Organization[edit]

In what sub-groups is the legion divided?

Special units[edit]

Special units only this legion has

Special equipment[edit]

Special equipment only this legion has

Naval Assets[edit]

Starburst (Chosen of Hecate Flagship): Like all Gloriana class vessels the Starburst is to be rightly feared for her fearsome armament. Her real power though comes from two massive, yet hidden thrusters built into the front right and left hand sides of the ship. Using these thrusters, the Starburst can turn far swifter than any other ship her size. These thrusters are submerged in the hull of the Starburst and enormous gyros will lower them into position when needed. This can allow Starburst to rapidly bring her deadly broadside to bare on any unexpecting foes or allow her to swiftly change heading and redeploy almost instantly. With her bone white hull the Starburst greatly resembles the infamous Hammerhead Shark of Terran legend.

Notable Members[edit]

Radcliff Kaden, First Captain: Born and raised on the planet of Miletus, Radcliff Kaden served in the temple of Bellona, a temple dedicated to training soldiers. Kaden excelled in all martial skills and at the age of fourteen became one of the youngest people in Miletus' long history to join the ranks of the Temple Guard, Miletus standing Planetary Defense Force. Shortly after the Emperor handed the VIIIth Legion to Lambach Kropor, the newly appointed homeworld was sent into a recruitment overdrive in an effort to replenish the diminished strength of the Chosen of Hecate. Radcliff immediately signed up . He quickly rose through the ranks of the legion and displayed a keen eye for tactics and strategy. He reached the rank of Captain despite lacking any form of the Psychic potential, which was usually what lead to a son of Kropor being shown favor. With his keen military mind, Kaden soon found himself increasingly in the company of the Primarch to discuss battle plans. He was also a favored opponent of the Primarch in games of Regicide. Without even realising, Radcliff had become Lambach's seneschal. When the previous captain of the 1st company fell in battle and needed to be replaced, there was never any doubt that Radcliff would take the position. Often times, much to Kadens exasperation Lambach would leave the front lines and the Crusade management completely in Kadens control while he chased down some frivolous task concerning one of his brother Primarchs, or basically anything else that caught his attention more than the Crusade itself. While it may have been seen by some as irresponsible, Lambach had never done so with any other Captain. It was Lambachs utter confidence in Kadens abilities that lead to Kropor having so much free time to pursue other interests. Kaden himself earned the respect of many other Primarchs and their Legionnaires by consistently displaying his general knack for soldiering or by proving his combat prowess as a formidable opponent in the dueling arena. Few were there that could be said to stand on equal footing with the First Captain of the Chosen of Hecate. Radcliff Kaden was also the winner of the First Great Joust hosted by lord Linares, further proof of what a capable combatant the Chosen's First Captain was.

Gaius Mendel, Grand Warp Claw: Gaius Mendel, Miletus born, was the first born son of one of Miletus' leading politicians. Due to difficulties his mother passed during the birth and hence Gaius was never meant to enlist into the Chosen of Hecate, to ensure the family name continued. However Mendel was gifted. Very gifted. The Legion's homeworld recruitment Librarians immediately picked up on the boys talents and paid a visit to the house of Mendel. Gaius' father forbid his son from going with them and begged for them to leave. One week later the Primarch of the Chosen of Hecate himself arrived at the Mendel estate. Lambach understood why the father did not wish to lose his only son but knew he had to have Gaius join his ranks. For three days Lambach spoke softly with Mendel's father until finally an agreement was reached. Lambach left the house holding the hand of the nine year old boy. Gaius was unlike any mortal psyker Lambach had ever met, the energy of the warp seemed to flow through the boy as if he were a natural conduit. Lambach taught him how to control his powers and use them as a weapon and a shield. Gaius came to love Lambach as much as any son loves his father and was absurdly loyal to his Primarch. Gaius never obtained an official rank within the chapter until he was appointed Grand Warp Claw of the Speartip, but stayed close to the Primarch and learned all that he could from his Genesire. If Kaden was Lambachs General, Mendel was Lambachs emissary. Mendel visited almost every other Legion usually taking a squad of Chosen with him and made documentation of their ways of war. Most Legions were happy to accept Mendel but a few saw his prying as an inconvenience while some out right refused him with the threat of hostilities.

Atreus Thyestes, Captain of the 7th: Known throughout the Chosen of Hecate legion for his fury on the battlefield Thyestes was a powerful psyker as well as warrior. Atreus though would share little with the mannerisms of his father Primarch and would show no mercy in attacks that he was given charge of. He considered the option a weakness. Despite being well at odds, Lambach could hardly deny the results achieved by Thyestes and his company and soon the volatile captain had earned a fierce reputation and significant favor from some of Lambach's brothers. Atreus would probably have been more at home amongst the Death's Heads or Iron Guard. Atreus raged after his appointment to the newly formed Speartip following the Edict of Nikea and in his fury openly decried Lambach as weak, of the opinion that his father should have fought harder for his beliefs and that it was this weakness that now cursed Atreus and his brothers to a "Glorious Suicide". An accusation that tore his father's heart, for Lambach believed his words to be the truth. After Lambach's censure Atreus continued to decry the efforts of his father who had again cursed both him and his brothers, gaining even more support than ever before. Perhaps Lambach could have put a stop to the wayward captain but Kropor saw Atreus Thyestes as the personification of his own guilt and made no move against the captain. With the Warmaster defeated after the Siege of Terra Atreus finally broke ties with his Legion. Calling out to his brothers and playing on their own insecurities in the faith they once had in their father. Atreus sundered the Chosen of Hecate, refusing to sit idly in the eye of terror and instead striking fear into the hearts of those he had once served. Now a powerful warrior Lich who can never truly die. Atreus’ vast horde of undead have left many Imperial and Separatist worlds alike barren wastelands.

Tijo Nosebi, Ship Master of the Starburst: It was during the pacification of a planet designated Nova XIII that Radcliff Kaden found Tijo and her brother, after the main city had fallen and the Chosen of Hecate were helping to restore order and rebuild. Kaden heard the calls of the children in the rubble. Once he Cleared it he found two young children, twins. The brother stood defiantly in front of his sister holding nothing but a shank fashioned from broken glass and cloth. Immediately Kaden knew the boy would make a fine Legionnaire should he survive the training and worked on calming the children and gaining their trust, he knew he was fighting an uphill battle considering the Chosen of Hecate had just bought the world to heel. After two days Kaden managed to coax the children out by offering them food. He offered the boy a chance to join the ranks of the Space Marines. Tijo, the little girl was furious that such an offer be made to her brother and not to her as well, Kaden tried his best to explain to the small human child why women could not become Astartes. The best he could offer her was a role as a serf inside the legion. With the lack of trepidation afforded only to a child, the first time Tijo laid eyes upon Lambach she walked directly up to him, cutting into his conversation with his commanders and demanded she be allowed to join her brother in training to become a marine. Lambach, immensely amused by the girl took her under his wing. He explained to her how much he would enjoy having her as an Astartes but for reasons unknown to himself his father had disallowed it genetically. Tijo acted as Lambachs personal serf catering to his needs and he always made time to listen to her stories. The girl had an active imagination and could always seem to find new ways of amusing him. Tijo spent more and more time on the bridge of the Starburst and as time went by her fiery attitude never left her and she would constantly, loudly and much to the chagrin of the Starbursts old terran captain point out ideas and plans for the ship to take, highly against regulations but never less potentially effective. Lambach had her trained to pilot her own ship, the Cerastes, incredibly young at the age of 16, but when one had the favor of Lambach anything was possible. By the time she was 25 Tijo had replaced the old Terran as the captain of Starburst. A role she has performed excellently in. Her swift thinking and gungho attitude affording the swift moving Starburst a captain far more willing to push her to peak performance levels.


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