Chris Pramas

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Chris Pramas is a game designer for Dungeons & Dragons. He helped Sean Reynolds with that reboot / gazetteer for Scourge of the Slavelords and other forgettable 2e work.

Then Pramas wrote the 1999 Guide to Hell. THAT got noted - as Jack Chick's final victory over this hobby. The GtH was touted as the triumphant post-Planescape, post-Lorraine do-over for Baator. It proposed that the devils don't just harvest souls from Lawful Evils and from those who sign corrupt bargains; they get souls from atheists, like the Athar. Much skub ensued.

Pramas moved on from there in the 3e days to found Green Ronin, which published his setting Freeport. He stayed on good terms with other Wizards of the Coast alumni, so his creations there appear in (say) Beyond Countless Doorways.