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ChromeStrike 0.9.90 Release - Click to download.

ChromeStrike is a rules-light scifi RPG made to fit the niche of fast and rules-light mech combat. The larger portion of the system is centered around said mechs, 5-meter tall urban machines, though there is also a healthy emphasis on mixed vehicle fighting. Mechs fight alongside tanks and helicopters, APC's, Mobile Infantry, and even aircraft. As you might expect players can use any and all of these vehicles with proper training.

The ChromeStrike setting is a recognizable blend of Armored Core and ChromeHounds, set in the early 22nd century. International laws and treaties have broken down with international peacekeeping organizations being abandoned entirely. With the drop in relations many larger nations have simply absorbed smaller adjacent ones. The original mech companies, called Primes, have become rich and often independent from their patron states. It is within all this war and death that the mech jockeys, or mercenaries, have found their calling.

The system is D6 and D3. Most rolls for attacks and skills are roll above- these most frequently are compared to an enemies defense rating or stat. The simple combat is one of the neatest features of ChromeStrike. Once initiative is out of the way, all that must be calculated are removed parts, decreasing attributes, and wound values. Large battles can be ran rather quickly.

Book Contents[edit]

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Player Stuff[edit]

All characters have varying amounts of points into six attributes, then are able to also select two perks (totally not FATE aspects). Mechs are the most customizable stage of character creation- hardpoints such as the head, torso, arms, and legs are filled using credits. Systems and upgrades can also be purchased with these, weapons, you name it. One persons mech is entirely different from another in nearly every way.



The most recent version of the rulebook is v0.9.90, as of October 29, 2023. Included within the zip are also character spreadsheets and an editable battle pdf for the mech.


Maptool Stuff[edit]

Files contain a campaign map for Maptool with already written macros and token properties, with all the enemies and example mechs already statted up and placed for your convenience.

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