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Alignment True Neutral
Divine Rank Lesser Deity
Pantheon Draconic
Portfolio Fate, Death, Judgment
Domains Death, Dragon, Knowledge, Fate, Planning, Time
Home Plane Mausoleum of Chronepsis (Outlands)
Worshippers Dragons, Observers
Favoured Weapon Scythe, claw

Chronepsis, also known as The Silent and The Watcher, is the Dragon God of Fate, Death and Judgment in Dungeons & Dragons. A silent, dispassionate observer of the world, this colorless, lusterless dragon is utterly indifferent to everything: he cares only to watch, never to intervene.

For obvious reasons, he has few worshippers and fewer clerics. He simply doesn't care enough to get involved and, well, what's the point of worshipping a god you know will never intervene on your behalf? The rare cleric of Chronepsis generally acts as a kind of draconic mortician; they create mausoluems (which double as temples), retrieve the bodies of the draconic dead, and attend to dying dragons.

Chronepsis' faith does have a certain connection to time. A mausoleum-temple devoted to the Watcher always features dozens or hundreds of large hourglasses, symbolizing that even a dragon's life is trickling away moment by moment. His worshippers often meditate upon the cyclical nature of life, which usually entails possessing an hourglass, which is turned over at least once per day.

The closest thing to a Chronepsis prayer is this mantra: "We begin to die the day we are born".

Chronepsis' Herald is either a Neutral aligned wyrm Black Dragon or else a Storm Drake with the power of a 3rd level Cleric. His allies are all manner of neutral aligned dragons and dragonbloods, but battledragons and landwyrms are particularly likely to serve him. Of course, given how rarely he intervenes, his envoys are extraordinarily rare.

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