Citadel Hard Foam Terrain

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Once upon a time, when Games Workshop made nice things for more than just their posterboy factions that didn't cost as much as a large kit, Citadel produced a line of hard foam terrain for both Warhammer Fantasy and Warhammer 40000. Most of these came already painted and based, albeit needing a LOT of work to get to a non-amateurish level.

Nowadays they are extremely rare and tend to sell pretty high on eBay. Unfortunately no third-party *cough*Chineserecaster*cough* has replicated them yet and Games Workshop only sells hard plastic at higher prices for the factions that most interest the sculptors (and generic ruins) which maintains the high price. Fortunately, unlike Teef, this market isn't fed by the degrade of the goods as the hard foam holds up just as well as the days it was produced.


  • Orc Village

Three Orc huts and an idol with a pile of skulls and shields around each, a path leading through the village, and stakes protecting one side. Spray-painted brownand tan with the spaces between landmarks covered in a strangely vibrant green grass.

  • Graveyard

A walled graveyard with seven crypts, five coffins, a wall and small stairway entrance around it with two breaks in the wall plus a barrel. Spray-painted white and gray with a pale green grass in the places between.


  • Bunker

A tech-looking bunker. Sold primed black.

  • Chimera Bunker

A bunker made from a wrecked tank with sandbags and debris piled around. Sold primed black (pic below is painted by the owner).

  • STS Colonial Habitat

A roofless Imperium building with boxes. Actually 54mm, for the Inquisitor specialist game.

  • City Ruins

A ruined section of city with steel barrels.


  • Gaming Hill

Its a fucking hill, what do you expect. Spray-painted white and gray, lots of vibrant grass, and skulls.