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"Aight guys, I'm an uncreative fuck so I need some help, i'm starting Space Marines, I used to do orks but ended up actually liking the play of SM and have a bunch of leftovers from AoBR, i'm also 50% hipster so I can't do a standard chapter, so I came to /tg/ to help me create my shit tier chapter

>Favourite colour: Orange and yellow

>Favourite Unit: Librarians and Termies

>Favourite background theme: German/Teutonic

Make it happen please :D" -OP of the original thread

This ended up creating an unexpected Chapter.

Following answers creating Citrus Marines

The Citrus Marines[edit]

Their mission: to seek out and archive all citrus fruit wherever it is discovered. Their proudest moment is uncovering a real orange tree during an assault on an agri-world that was being attacked by Tyranids.

Their appearance: They all wear those Pickelhaub spiky hats on top of their helmets. Their sigil is a portrait of the God-Emperor with an orange for a head, wreathed by a halo of lemons." "They drop power-juicers from orbit that fly and seek out enemies. They then drop on their heads and blend them into a fine, nutritious smoothie that the marines drink to revitalize their Sour Rage.

Their terminators are giant blenders on legs." "They are the most feared by Chaos, as the citrusy juices the Citrus Marines' weapons fire seep into the many sores and wounds on their scarred bodies, and it burns. A lot."

"Their meltaguns spew delicious cleansing orange juice over their enemies." ">Citrus Marines vs. Plague Marines Feel no pain my ass, those faggots would break down and SQUEAL." "Their grenades blind their enemies with citric acid" "their main enemy is the Nurgle cult "Solders of Scurvy"" "Their chapter secret is that when they lose control their citriscian dna unlocks allowing them to become more citrus than space marine" "They could have an allied regiment of Imperial Guardsmen. Preferably an armored company so they can field LEMON RUSS tanks.


Kool-Aid man is somehow involved? I say he's a disgraced heretic.

He was a daemon prince corrupted by Nurgle who removed all the HEALTHY and PURE aspects from the fruit juices. Now he ravages people's teeth across the galaxy. All tooth decay and malnutrition is service to his Dark Lord Nurgle.

"They can be recognized for their distinctive Rindus armor, which is constructed out of lemon peels that have been crushed into an impenetrable shell. Many worlds under the Citrus Marine's control simply spend day and night juicing lemons and crushing the rinds to create their weapons of war."

The Codex AsTARTes calls this maneuver "Steel Rind".

How would the "Soldiers of scurvy" Take planets for chaos? Would it be a step by step process, or a mindless eradication of all things fruity.

I was contemplating the step by step process as something as follows: 1) Remove preservations from meat and bread supplies, quickening the spoiling process of the food stuff. 2)Infiltrate the citrus store houses and silos, transporting them to the "sacrificial pit". 3)Wipe out any new imports of Fruit based products, as nutrition values of the planet lower the level of scurvy increases. 4) Collect the fallen teeth of the population, adding them to the "Pit" 5)Liquidate all the fermenting citrus and teeth and finally offer said sacrifice to summon greater daemon. 6) World fully falls to chaos,scurvy style.

What a day...