Civilised World

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Civilised Worlds are a type of planet in the Imperium. They're generally worlds that don't suck to live on, normally being on par with current day Earth. Somewhat the "jack of all trades" with the numbers of a hive, the industry of a forge world, and the farms of an agri-world.

Despite being the most common type of world they're rarely mentioned, mostly because they're not Grimdark unless they're being attacked. They are also used to highlight the sickening perfectness of the Ultramarines, who obviously have a whole bunch where life is all perfect and Noblebright. Why no other marine chapters do this (except the Blood Gorgons, but they're Heretics and they only make it almost livable) is just handwaved away.

See Also[edit]

  • Calth, a cavern-world that used to be a civilised world during the Great Crusade, but lost its atmosphere during the Horus Heresy.
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