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Civilization is a series of video games that--

Wait, hold the fucking phone.

...hold on... what do you mean they're unrelated???

...Right, right, let's try that again.


Civilization is the name of a board game originally published in 1980 in the United Kingdom. It's notable for being considered the first game to implement the "tech tree" method of distributing items and skills found in later board and video games. It's been out of print for ages, but an event known as the Origins Game Fair holds a yearly Civilization tourney.

This is not to be confused with the OTHER Civilization board game from 2002, which is based off the more familiar Sid Meier 4X vidya series. Both the 80s Civilization and Sid's Civ share the same basic themes - select nation, expand borders, develop culture, clash with other nations, ????, profit - but other than that, they're completely different from each other.