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Greetings, fellow Imperial subjects. Do you have a few moments to talk about what the Star Savior means in your life?

A Clamavus is what happens when Lorgar falls to Slaanesh and/or becomes a Genestealer Cultist. We wish we were joking. But they are essentially the Tyranid's answer to the Imperium's Ministorum Priest or Chaos' Dark Apostles.

Basically, if the Ecclesiarch is 40k's Catholic Space Pope and the Dark Apostles are 40k's Jehovah's Witnesses from Hell, then the Clamavus is 40k's Grimdark Scientologists. Seriously, they are both zealots believing in a cosmic alien space god whose souls would join together once they die, it's only fitting for such a comparison.

Oh yeah, it also looks like he is dropping some sick beats with his portable recorder lookalike.


A Clamavus is a type of Genestealer Hybrid that broadcasts the emancipatory creed of the Cult far and wide. They use a Scrambler Array to thwart the battle plans of the Cult's enemies, all while inspiring their Cult with booming oratory amplified by their suit's integrated Proclamaitor Hailer. Because of this, the Clamavus' fellow Cult members see them as heroes and the spreaders of truth.

It seems that because of their function, they only make themselves publicly known during a Genestealer uprising, because Emprah knows how the average Imperial citizen is gonna react to some bald dude screaming about the coming of a four-armed dinosaur locust rather than the Inquisition-approved golden corpse god. Of course, they also dabble in hacking the vox-transmissions of their enemies, shutting down their communications networks even as they rally their fellow cultists. They are also able to intercept signals and learn enemy troop movements and tactical dispositions. Their destabilizing influence is even more crippling when combined with the powerful psychic resonance of the Cult's Patriarch. For many Cult members, the orations of the Clamavus are the closest they will ever get to hearing the word of their Patriarch.

When there IS a time for the Genestealer Cult to make itself known, Clamavuses are information assassins spreading vile, heretical xenos propaganda. However to the Cultists and sympathizers themselves, they are seen as heroes who broadcast the cult's creed far and wide, letting the common folk know that the hour is coming when they shall be freed from bondage.

Clamavuses are blessed with a stronger link to the gestalt psychic aura of the Cult. While they can not wield this power in the way a Magus can, they instead use it to transmit nullifying and distorting waves similar to the Shadow in the Warp via languages and the latest xenos R&B. When overheard in close proximity, this audible virus causes a devastating psychic overload that causes those in earshot to undergo intense pain and cranial rupture from the less than Inquisitorial approved music choices. To the cult, this is proof that their enemies are unable to handle the "divine truths" they convey.


This guy is a support unit who provides buffs to your Genestealer Cultists on the tabletop. By default, he automatically improves your army's leadership and movement within a radius of 6". The Scrambler Array can keep you safe from enemy deepstrikes within 12" of this model AND melt faces and burst ear drums with his sick beats (roll a D6 for each enemy unit within 6" of any Clamavus; on a 6 that enemy unit suffers 1 mortal wound). Good thing too, since other than that he's only got an autopistol to fend off anyone that gets near him.

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