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Clan Eshin is, by far, the most villainous of the Skaven clans (which is really saying something). This mysterious clan trains stealthy spies and murderous Assassins-for-hire. Clan Eshin has eyes everywhere and its deadly operatives are scattered throughout the Under-Empire, as well as secreted about the cities of the surface dwellers. For the right price, the black-clad agents of Clan Eshin will steal any information, commit any act or sabotage or slay any rival required. Considering the treacherous, scheming and paranoid nature of Skaven, it is no wonder that Clan Eshin has become so powerful. Clan Eshin provides an unseen force with which the Council of Thirteen and other powerful Skaven maintain (or gain) their positions of power. Within the highly feared Caverns of Unyielding Shadow, the Clan Eshin district deep in the belly of Skavenblight, treaty-pacts are claw-marked and the doom of many rivals is assured.

Notable figures/regiments[edit]

Lord Visktrin- the founder of Clan Eshin, Lord Visktrin was never able to see his clan reach fruition (courtesy of a dragon-caused injury in the Mountains of Mourn). However, it is believed that he (or his unnamed successor) made the Cloak of Shadows- a cloak forged from the hairs of multiple murder victims that makes the user like a shadow and, interestingly enough, can repair itself (despite being burned, cut and otherwise destroyed).

Nightlord Sneek- The current ruler of Clan Eshin and a member of the Council of Thirteen. Like the Clan itself, Lord Sneek is shrouded in the greatest of mystery, even by the standards of other Council members. What is known is that Sneek liked to dress in the style of the Far East, and had long nails he has allowed to grow out when he first became Nightlord of Clan Eshin, each nail tipped with the strange writings of Cathay. The Nightlord also had a habit of whispering when he talks.

Deathmaster Snikch- is the chief assassin and prime agent of Lord Sneek, Lord of Decay and Nightlord of Clan Eshin. His infamy is only exceeded by the mystery which surrounds his whereabouts at any particular time. Lord Sneek ensures that this is the case - as long as no one knows the location of his chief assassin no one can feel safe.

Veskit- is the High Executioner of Clan Eshin during the fall of Mordheim. Veskit was already a talented Eshin Assassin when he was entrusted with his most difficult mission. He was hired by Clan Skryre to free one of their oldest and most experienced Warlocks who was being held hostage by a rival clan. Veskit managed to take the prisoner back, fighting his way through the guards, but at a very high cost. He suffered terrible wounds and would have certainly died, but the Nightmaster of Clan Eshin made a pact with the Warlock Engineers. The Skaven scientist-sorcerers replaced various parts of Veskit's body with their part technological, part magical implants and made him into a walking arsenal of deadly weapons. Veskit is now more a machine than a living thing, and his thirst for killing has become almost uncontrollable. When news of the wyrdstone came to the hidden fortress of Clan Eshin, the Nightmaster sent Veskit to Mordheim to deter the man-things from exploring the city, which rightfully belonged to the Skaven. From that day on, many adventurers have met their end in the dark alleys of Mordheim. Veskit's unblinking eye misses nothing, and those he hunts on the streets of Mordheim never return to the Gargoyle Gate.

Ikkrik Poisonclaw- Any hint of Clan Eshin is enough to send even the strongest Skaven clan leader into a vicious case of the chitters. Routinely blamed for any series of unexplainable bad luck and suspected of countless assassinations (though no proof has ever been found), it is whispered that Eshin moves as the Council of Thirteen wills. Ikkrik himself has always been a bit of an enigma. In fact until quite recently there was no verifiable evidence that he existed. Though rumored to have been behind the burning of Talabecland and the poisoning of the river Ost, his most fearsome (supposed) accomplishment was the assassination of the infamous Warlord Varquol. Whether or not this actually occurred is still a matter of great debate in the various clan nests across the world, but what cannot be denied is that the rumor originated somewhere, and no one, neither the Council nor the Eshin clan itself has bothered to naysay the tale. Ikkrik is a frightening opponent. Between his natural agility and multiple throwing attacks, the Gutter Runner also utilizes Smoke Bombs in order to survive to fight another day. He was Gutter Runner in the game Warhammer Online.

Murderer Snikit- One of the mighty leaders of the clan Eshin, determined to lead his own clan. He led a detachment of the Eshin clan in Mordheim in the game Mordheim City of the Dammed.

Filch Tawny-tailed- A Gutter Runner in the game Mordheim City of the Dammed. Was the leader of the detachment in Mordheim and submitted to Murderer Snikit.

Rikkit'Tik- A "scholar" amongst Clan Eshin, this Skaven is gifted particularly in the knowledge of poisoned substances. The following is a list of noteworthy weaknesses he has found:

  • Hemlock berries- these are perfect for Chaos Cultist killing (with baletoad dorsal secretion- the sweat from the back of a baletoad, in other words -[the ideal Beastman and Mutant-slaying poison]).
  • Powdered mithril suspended in the oil of hellflowers- this is ideal for the deaths of Daemons [a tricky business in and of itself]).
  • A poison made of three parts warpbane root and one part deathvine, when inserted into a person's armpits, through their eyeslits or into the back of either knee of a Chaos Marauder and/or their elite Warriors can cause considerable damage to the infected.
  • An Orc requires double the typical dosage of nightshade for a human, though adjustments are often made for larger specimens; likewise, they are susceptible to greenbane mashed with birch sap into a pulp.
  • The Squigs' love for suntree sap which, if spread on caltrops, will make for a very painful snack.
  • It should be noted that this would-be "wise rat", as the case is, has become fond of greenskins- particularly hobgoblins, because they show "promise".
  • As for Trolls, he recommends a heavy poison cocktail of everything that is poisonous and in more amounts then you would think necessary.
  • Snotlings, however, are a waste of poison from his standing (they would be more easily-- and more enjoyably-- killed with a knife wound in the right spot).
  • For his own kind, one word sums up the perfect poison- arsenic.
  • In concerns to Elven corsairs- typically Dark Elves [though this may work for certain High Elves, as well], this "scholar" recommends two things- caution and Black Lotus (for ironic purposes).
  • For disposal of Ogres, he recommends the following cocktail of pain- ground glass, Mandrake root and the essence of Nightshade stirred into the food, always. If this fails, any other poison must be used in insanely massive doses!
  • Giant spiders require a bit more care and a plan- use spears and arrows tipped in wyvern venom mixed with salt to kill them, then tear out the poison sacs kept beneath their lower mandibles and do so with care.
  • Wyverns also require great care when handling- squeeze some wyrmcaps until they gush a milky white fluid from their gills, then rub said fluid on either long spears or missile weapons; don't forget to cut off the tail tip of the beast afterwards.
  • For more predatory wolves, he recommends one of two poisons, depending on the species in question- a mixture of both warpstone and redcap mushrooms in equal measure for Dire Wolves, whereas a Giant Wolf requires only wolfsbane.
  • For undead disposal (skeletons and ghouls, to be precise), the cure is powdered warpstone in a linseed oil base.
  • Zombies will also succumb to powdered warpstone, but it must be mixed to a thick paste with extract of deadbane.
  • Spirits are a bit trickier- powdered warpstone still works, but it must be sent through a blowpipe to work.
  • Banshees must be slain with warpstone weapons.
  • Wights require a crossbow bolt smeared with powdered warpstone and grease (also, keep far away from this- the end result is explosive!).
  • Wraiths cannot be killed with any kind of poison and should be avoided altogether, if possible.
  • Vampire Bats should be treated the same way as vampires- which is to say powdered warpstone and ground silver served in a base of garlic oil -or, as an alternative, feed powdered warpstone to a lackey and then offer the lackey up to the bats.

Black 13- the masterminds and heavy lifters behind the Tilean fiasco called the "Night of One Thousand Terrors"- a shockwave of assassinations -these Skaven had managed to kill practically every last authority figure in Tilea all in just one night! With this done, the whole of Tilea and its many republics was unprepared for the endless assaults that arrived that night. Following that, they went to Lustria.

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