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To turn one's enemies weapons against them is the ultimate irony; Clan Ferrik knows this well. Though small, the clan became powerful when their Warlord took over a series of forges and smelters from the Dwarves situated in Karak-Varn. Skavenslaves work side by side (albeit unwillingly) with Dwarves, forging the finest iron and steel into impressive Dwarven-style armor and weapons. Trade is heavy with this clan, in particular with Clan Skryre- this has led to a massive power boost.

This situation would seem ideal for this clan, but one problem does stick out- the Warlord in charge. He's overly tyrannical and megalomaniac-like (even by Skaven standards), but the real interesting things are that he hides his face behind a steel mask, he's crazy long-lived and- this is important -his size, fur color and even voice are always changing (*cough* Spoilers! *cough*)! The weird thing is that nobody seems to notice...

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