Clan Festerlingus

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Clan Festerlingus, had a brilliant idea that gained them the wrong kind of attention. Their idea was to fuse Giant Rats with alligators which, if successful, would've created a breed exclusive to them and (if worked in the proper way) could've netted them a spot on the Council of Thirteen. Of course, Clan Moulder- the masters of monster-making -took a dim view of this. They had no plans to let Festerlingus take their spot, so they went to Clan Eshin in order to take care of the competition. Eshin sent Deathmaster Snikch- one of their top assassins -to deal with them. Each member of the clan had Snikch's personal kill-mark carved into their corpses, thus destroying the clan and halting their work for good. Sadly, no one has thought to create these beasts again... though, for humanity, this may be a blessing.

They built cities on stilts in a region of the The Southlands known as the Shifting Mangrove Coast.

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