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Clan Skryre is one of the four major clans of the Skaven, and along with Clan Moulder represent the scientific bent to the race. They specialize in making technological wonders, often combining mechanical ingenuity with Warpstone-powered magic and expendable slaves or idiots to carry the damn things. Their inventions range from the Skaven-portable Warplock jezzail, to the Warpfire Thrower (read: magic flamethrower), all the way up to the mighty Warp Lightning Cannon. Also, DOOMWHEELS! They also made a Chaos nuclear bomb and placed it under the capital city of the MANTHINGS once, but it failed to detonate. In general, the more powerful the device, the less reliable it is -- the results of using one are always spectacular, but sometimes they do more harm to the user than the intended target (which is why Clan Skryre tends to behave like wizards and stand amongst their bodyguards while the footplodders do their work). This suits Skryre just fine, as long as they get enough data to make something better.

tl;dr They have the best gubbinz and they sell said gubbinz to everyone else.

During the End Times, they developed the Farsqueaker, a telephone-like communications device that has managed to unify the Skaven tribes for the first time in recorded history. They are, however, better known for blowing up the fucking CHAOS MOON, which would've reduced the Warhammer world to a smoldering crater if it weren't for the mass heroic sacrifice of the Lizardmen. Even the Daemons of Chaos were horrified by it, which is saying something.

Now with the Age of Sigmar, the “Clans Skryre” hold a good portion of Blight City under their control thanks to the machinations of Clan Ezzik and the first seat of the Council of Thirteen, High Arch-Warlock Skrach. Currently their biggest rivals are the equally influential Clans Pestilens, the two Great Clans being on the verge of total civil war once again. Also they now have Warlock Bombardiers who specialize in blowing shit up and want to blow up the Bad Moon just like in End Times.

Notable figures/Noteworthy regiments[edit]

Warpmaster Sythar Doom- Grey Lord of Clan Skryre during the days of the Black Plague's run through the Empire. Sythar had made several augmentations to his body (à la the Adeptus Mechanicus), including [but were most likely not limited to] the following- copper wires running through his scarred hide, grafting of new skin and iron plates into his face, replacing his eyeballs with enchanted rubies [that were three sizes too big for them and, thus, had to be held in place by extensive stitching], a miniature power plant on his body (connected to his lower jaw by a black cable that ran to his heart, but also could cause an explosion if either one stopped) and electrically-charged metal incisors. He was one of only two Grey Lords (the other being Warlord Vrrmik of Clan Mors) to disapprove the usage of the Black Plague.

Klawmunkast- the famous "Warlock Caster", Klawmunkast was the pioneer of one of Clan Skryre's best weapons- the Warplock Pistol. A gifted inventor and surprisingly enthusiastic commander, Klawmunkast was always willing to do whatever it took to make the next big thing. His image currently sits in the gallery below.

  • Warpstone Mutants- side-effects of Klawmunkast's botched experiments with the mysterious "Rat Tank", those Skavenslaves that survived the explosions and leaks of warpfire mutated horribly. Their sanity long since eroded away, they have developed several interesting evolutions- from multiple limbs to a Superman-esque physique.

Quirrik- a Warlock Engineer who has stationed his lair in the ruins of a long-since abandoned town situated in the Grey Mountains, Quirrik was the focus of starting adventure #4 from the "Chaos Dwarf Roleplay Book". Seeking to gain new skills in both engineering and arcane abilities, he has agreed to provide Skavenslaves and tunneling technology to create the Chaos Dwarf equivalent of the Underway, which the Dwarves will receive... provided that the roleplayers in question can deliver Quirrik alive to Zharr Grungron Ankor without him dying. His fate is left in the hands of the players and can either make it to the Shaman's Den back in Zharr Grungron Ankor or end up dead elsewhere.

Ikit Claw- the master warlock engineer of clan skrye, and is one of/the oldest skaven alive. He's the one responsible for a lot of skaven war machines, including Warp Lightning Cannon and the DOOMWHEELS.

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