Clawed Fiend

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Somehow the weirdest part of this creature is its six nipples...
Who's a fluffy little Clawed Fiend? You are!

Clawed fiends (Monstrum donoris) are one of the many critters the Dark Eldar use as both pets and war beasts. In the case of the Clawed Fiend, it is big. Clawed Fiends are essentially large masses of muscle that have been known to somehow rip apart the bulkheads of spaceships whose walls are thicker than the Beasts themselves! Each of the claws are larger than an Ork’s finger and almost as sharp as a monofilament blade. They look like a cross between a gorilla and a giant bat; if anything, Clawed Fiends look similar to the Vampire Counts Varghulfs of Warhammer Fantasy but with more eyes and without the wings.

As mentioned, the head of a Clawed Fiend resembles a bat. However, its six eyes enhance the creature's senses, as it can see in three different light spectra, and its large ears can pick up the slightest of sounds no matter its environment. If the Clawed Fiend is injured, the smell of its own blood induces a state of rage so potent it boggles the mind why Khorne hasn't decided to choose these over his own beasts of war. Dark Eldar make use of Clawed Fiends, as long ago the Webway portal leading into the Donorian system was destroyed by the force of a warp storm, splitting the portal apart and allowing Clawed Fiends to enter and infest the adjacent Webway tunnels. Since then they have become one of the main creatures used by Beastmasters, who capture them for bloody hunts in the gladiatorial Wych arenas of Commorragh or for use as war-beasts in realspace raids.

On tabletop, Clawed Fiends are horrifying but often overlooked. Lots of Wounds, high Toughness and lots of attacks at high strength and with damage 2. Its only weakness, the 4+ WS, is remedied by the Beastmaster granting it rerolls.

It also has six nipples. Just because.

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