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Hoare's Coatl kitbash.

The Coatl is a Lizardmen option created by Andy Hoare in Warhammer Annual. Andy's Coatl was created by combining the Chaos Dragon from the Egrimm van Horstmann kit (head, neck, tail) with Deathclaw from the Emperor Riding War Griffon kit (wings), both the now out of production metal version.

The Coatl also appeared in 3e supplements.

It has since been a fond desire for Lizardmen players to have a new version, a dream that was never realized.

The Legend[edit]

Coatl wander the jungles of Lustria, surrounded by a massive storm of wind and magic. Their very presence shifts the landscape naturally, rearranging the jungle as if nothing had happened and the landscape has always looked that way which makes Lustria almost impossible to map with trails or roads. Lizardmen often wait to ambush invaders until after a Coatl sends them into disarray.

Coatls are physically a serpent-like dragon with feathery wings instead of arms and legs. Small Coatls are almost impossible to find, as they do not spend tine attacking enemies of Lustria until they reach a large size.

Coatls are considered manifestations of Tepok, Lizardmen god of air, not only by Skinks but by the scholars of all races. Coatls often seem to protect Lizardmen holy sites, but are not considered Lizardmen themselves. Skinks pray to Tepok for their aid, but ultimately the Coatl will either show up to defend against invaders or not.

Despite the humans of Lustria being (depending on what era of fluff) slaves or prey at worst, annoying and barely tolerated neighbors at best, the Coatl is below them on the food chain. For all the reverance given by Skinks, Pygmies prey on them as a rare delicacy that can feed a village. The Amazons use Coatl feathers ceremonially and in clothing, but do not hunt them and instead obtain them from Pygmies.


Coatls are a Lord choice that can never be a General regardless of having higher Leadership, cost 440 points, and have M2, WS5, BS0, S3, T4, W3, I5, A1, and LD8. They have no weapons or armor. They are Level 4 Wizards in the Lore Of Light, Lore Of Life, and Lore Of Heavens. Has: Cold-Blooded, Fly, Large-Target, Terror.

  • Magical Storm: missile attacks have -1 To Hit against the Coatl.
  • Master Of The Sacred Paces: Bound Spell the Coatl always knows, cast on 6+. Rearrange D6 pieces of Jungle terrain at D6 distance (roll distance for each separately). This is done once without needing to be cast at the start of the game, before it begins but after deployment.
  • Shield Of The Old Ones: Coatl have a 3+ Ward Save.

A Coatl is a way to use an army without Slann and not gimp yourself magically. The ability to rearrange terrain was more fun than outright useful, but could work to an advantage against shooty or cavalry armies.


Games Workshop did produce a legit Coatl mini in the 80's sculpted by Nick Bibby, but it is difficult to find and long OOP.

According to Andy, Coatl should display purple (Tepok's color) which he put on the wings along with blue plus a green body, and gave it a taller flying base via aquarium part to show it above a jungle canopy.