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The following is a fan effort to incorporate the Transformers as an army in the Warhammer 40,000 tabletop game. With /tg/'s closet love for Transformers, I feel this is at least somewhat appropriate. And in reality, it's not really that difficult to shoehorn these guys into the fluff. Even better, you could use all the old toys as models!

The rules will follow G1 continuity the most, but supplements can be made for Beast Wars, Animated, Prime, the Mini-Con Trilogy, or even the Michael Bayverse*BLAM* Heresy!

Any suggestions for rules, units, etc.? Please feel free to use the Discussion section to suggest it! Please do, these rules are very barebones, so community input and playtesting is mandatory.

If you want to look over/talk about/suggest the racial fluff, the tie-in article is here: Setting:Transformers

Special Rules, Warlord Traits, Etc.[edit]

Transform: Transforming is a fundamental part of cybertronian biology. Ever since the days of the Second Cybertronian Civil War, the Cybertronians could transform from a bipedal humanoid form to an alternate vehicle mode. The vehicles come in all shapes in sizes, but they all give a distinct advantage in combat. Any model or unit with this special rule can choose to transform from a Primary or Alternative form at the beginning of the Movement Phase. You must declare what unit or model is transforming one at a time. Each unit or model with this special rule has an alternate stateline in their profile. You may choose during deployment or if they're in Reserves what form a unit or model starts in. If you choose to transform, it must follow these guidelines:

  • They must stay in that transformed mode until the beginning of the next friendly Movement Phase.
  • A unit cannot perform a Look Out, Sir roll while in an Alternative move unless specifically stated otherwise.
  • If the model is locked into combat as a vehicle, then it cannot attack back unless stated. It must instead wait until the next fight sub phase in order to transform to its Primary form to attack back. Otherwise, it can ram and/or tank-shock as normal.
  • A character cannot issue or accept challenges in Assault while they're in an Alternative vehicle mode unless otherwise stated.
  • If a transformer Vehicle form has the flyer special rule they have the following rules.
    • If they start the game in Primary mode they can start on the table top.
    • A Flyer can't transform on the turn it enters the game from reserves.
    • A Transformer that transforms from flyer to Primary mode can't charge the turn it transforms.
    • A Transformer that transforms from Primary to Vehicle mode can be shot at by weapons with the intercept rule as if it had just entered from reserves.
  • For every hull point lost, remove one hull point from a Transformer Vehicle form and for each hull point lost, remove one hull point from a transformer's primary mode.

Robots in Disguise: Any unit with this special rule is treated as having a 5+ Invulnerable save. In addition, Crew Stunned results are treated as Crew Shaken and Weapon Destroyed results can be ignored on a d6 roll of 6 (though a hull point is still lost).

Autobot: Your army cannot contain both models with the Autobot special rule and models with the Decepticon special rule. Decepticon: Your army cannot contain both models with the Autobot special rule and models with the Decepticon special rule.

Warlord Traits[edit]

The following three Warlord traits are accessible to both factions, but the other traits apply to whatever faction the Warlord aligns with. If you choose, you can choose to roll simply a d3 on the appropriate subsections.

  • 1. Armored Flesh: The Warlord has a 4+ invulnerable save.
  • 2. Indomitable Will: The Warlord and any units within "18 of the Warlord gain the Crusader and Adamantium Will special rules.
  • 3. Unstoppable Construct: The Warlord has the Rage and Hatred special rules

Models with the Autobot special rule

  • 4. Gunnery Officer: Warlord and his unit's shooting attacks have the Twin-linked special rule and any blast weapons the Warlord is armed with gain the Missle Lock special rule.
  • 5. Arch-Defender: Warlord has the It Will Not Die and Counter-Attack special rules.
  • 6. Warrior of the Ages: The Warlord gets the Fear special rule. In addition, while the Warlord is in a challenge he can choose to add d3 attacks to his profile during for the rest of the phase, or subtract d3 attacks from his opponent until the end of the phase.

Models with the Decepticon special rule

  • 4. Crafted by Unicron: The Warlord's melee weapon receives one of the following special rules on a d3 roll. However, your Warlord must issue and accept challenges. If for whatever reason the Warlord has multiple melee weapons or it has the same special rule you rolled on the table, you make pick which weapon (as long as it's not an Artifact Weapon) receives the effect and reroll on the table until you get a different rule.
    • 1. Master-Crafted
    • 2. Rending
    • 3. Smash
  • 5. Master of Logic: The Warlord and D3 other units gain the Outflank and Acute Senses special rules.
  • 6. Ambitious: When the Warlord targets the enemy Warlord and/or his unit with a shooting attack or engages them in assault, he receives +3 to his BS and WS respectively.


Weapon Table Range S AP Type
Energon Blaster 24" 5 5 Assault 3
Energon Missile 18" 8 3 Assault 1
Energon Sword -" +1 2 Melee, Master Crafted
Flame Breath Template 6 3 Fleshbane, Armorbane
Sonic Blaster 24" 6 3 Salvo 4/5, Ignores Cover
Shoulder Cannon 36" 5 4 Heavy 3, Rending

Artifacts of the Primes[edit]

Triptych Mask (25 Points): Bearer of the Triptych Mask gains +1 Initiative and counts as always passing Blind tests. In addition, during the shooting phase the bearer can choose an enemy unit within 24" and reduce their cover save by -2. This is not cumulative if you choose the same unit in the next shooting phase.

Emberstone (35 Points): This weapon is treated as an 18" S6 AP1 Beam with the Poisoned (+4) and Melta special rules. Every vehicle that suffered an Explodes! result from this weapon adds 3" to their Explosion radius. In addition, any Infantry models killed by this weapons roll a d6 before removing the model as a casualty. On a 4+, place a small blast over that model and resolve it at S4 AP3. Any casualties caused by these blasts do not cause any more blasts.

Allies Matrix[edit]

Faction Transformers: Autobots Transformers: Decepticons
Space Marines Allies of Convenience Desperate Allies
Astra Militarum Allies of Convenience Desperate Allies
Grey Knights Desperate Allies Desperate Allies
Skittari/Adeptus Mechanicus Come the Apocalypse Come the Apocalypse
Chaos Daemons Come the Apocalypse Desperate Allies
Chaos Space Marines Desperate Allies Allies of Convenience
Dark Eldar Desperate Allies Allies of Convenience
Eldar Battle Brothers Allies of Convenience
Harlequins Allies of Convenience Allies of Convenience
Necrons Desperate Allies Battle Brothers
Orks Desperate Allies Allies of Convenience
Tau Empire Allies of Convenience Desperate Allies
Tyranids Come the Apocalypse Come the Apocalypse
Autobots Battle Brothers Desperate Allies
Decepticons Desperate Allies Battle Brothers



Grimlock (310 Points)[edit]

"Men... more little green men..."-Grimlock, facing an oncoming Ork horde.
Grimlock 7 4 10 13 13 11 6 5 6
Alternative WS BS S FA SA BA I A HP
Tyrannosaurus 5 4 10 13 13 11 5 5 6

Unit Type:

  • Super-Heavy Walker

Unit Composition:

  • 1 (Unique)


  • Energon Sword (Grimlock only)
  • Flame Breath (Tyrannosaurus only)

Warlord Trait:

  • Unstoppable Construct

Special Rules:

  • Autobot
  • Independent Character
  • Monster Hunter (Grimlock only)
  • Preferred Enemy (Characters) (Grimlock only)
  • Preferred Enemy (Infantry (Tyrannosaurus only)
  • Rampage (Tyrannosaurus only)
  • Rip and Tear: When rolling to hit in assault, sixes to hit are treated as Strength D.
  • Robots in Disguise
  • Shred (Tyrannosaurus only)
  • Tank Hunter (Grimlock only)
  • Transform
  • Dinobot: (Tyrannosaurus only) While in his alternative form Grimlock has a 4+ invulnerable save and his Hammer of Wrath attacks are resolved at AP 2.

Starscream (190 Points)[edit]

"Decepticons, retreat!"- Starscream making a tactical retreat from a Tau ambush.
Starscream 4 5 5 13 12 11 3 4 4
Alternative BS F S B HP
Seeker 5 13 12 11 4

Unit Type:

  • Vehicle (Walker) (Starscream only)
  • Vehicle (Flyer) (Seeker only)

Unit Composition:

  • 1 (Unique)


  • 'Power Fist
  • Null Ray
Weapon Table Range S AP Type
Null Ray 24" 5 4 Assault 2, Haywire, Null Ray
Null Ray: When a vehicle is hit by the Null Ray, it suffers a Crew Stunned result in addition to any damage caused.

Warlord Trait:

  • Ambitious

Special Rules:

  • Supersonic
  • Opportunist: If Starscream charges into an ongoing assault, his attacks are treated as having the Smash and Instant Death special rules
  • Transform
  • Robots in Disguise
  • Decepticon
  • Opportunist
  • Hit and Run

Soundwave (210 Points)[edit]

"Soundwave superior. Astartes inferior."-Soundwave, replying simply to the fanatic taunts of Logan Grimnar.
Soundwave 5 6 6 13 13 13 4 5 4
Alternative BS F S B HP
Cassette Player 0 13 13 13 4

Unit Type:

  • Vehicle (Walker) (Soundwave only)
  • Vehicle (Cassette Player only)

Unit Composition:

  • 1 (Unique)


  • Shoulder Cannon (Soundwave only)
  • Sonic Blaster (Soundwave and Laserbeak only)
  • Energon Missile (Ravage only)

Warlord Trait:

  • Indomitable Will

Special Rules:

  • Immmobile: (Cassette Player only) A model with this special rule may not move.
  • Stealth (Cassette Player only)
  • Transform (Soundwave and Casette Player only)
  • Robots in Disguise (Soundwave and Casette Player only)
  • Decepticon (Soundwave and Casette Player only)
  • Eject!: Soundwave carries a small brigade of transforming cassette tapes in his chest, which he can deploy to achieve a certain objective or attack his foes. In the beginning of the Movement Phase, Soundwave can choose to deploy either Ravage, Rumble or Laserbeak within 6" of him instead of transforming. He can only deploy one unit each turn, and each one can only be deployed once per game. If Soundwave suffers a Wrecked or Explodes! result on the vehicle damage table, treat any of the units that have not be deployed as if they were disembarking from a vehicle. Rumble has the Infantry unit type, Ravage has the Beast unit type and Laserbeak has the Jump Infantry unit type.
Name WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv
Ravage 4 3 4 4 2 4 3 9 4+
Laserbeak 3 4 3 4 2 4 2 9 5+
Rumble 4 4 5 4 2 3 3 8 3+

Piledriver:(Rumble only) During the shooting phase, Rumble can choose to do a Piledriver attack. When he does this, all models within 8" of him are treated as going through difficult and dangerous terrain until the next friendly shooting phase. This also counts as a Melee weapon with the following profile: Sx2 AP2 Melee, Unwieldy

  • Bulky (Rumble only)
  • Independent Character
  • Objective Secured (Ravage, Laserbeak and Rumble only)



Drones (180 Points)[edit]

Drones 4 3 5 11 10 10 3 4 3
Alternative BS F S B HP
Vehicle 3 11 10 10 3

Unit Composition:

  • 3 Drones

Unit Type:

  • Vehicle (Walker, Open-topped) (Drones only)
  • Vehicle (Open-topped) (Vehicle only)


  • Energon Blaster

Special Rules:

  • Transform
  • Robots in Disguise


  • May include up to 3 additional Drones for 60 pts/model

Decepticon Cult (60 Points)[edit]

Feel No Pain, Furious Charge, Decepticon

Cultist 3 3 3 3 1 3 1 7 6+
Rogue Tech-Priest 3 4 3 4 2 3 2 8 4+/6++
Unit Composition: 9 Cultists, 1 Rogue Tech-Priest
Unit Type: Infantry (Rogue Tech-Priest is Character)
Wargear: Autoguns, Frag and Krak Grenades
  • May take up to 20 additional Cultists: 6pts each
  • May take a special weapon for every 5 Cultists from the following list:
    • Heavy Stubber: 10pts each
    • Flamer: 10pts each
    • Melta: 10pts each
    • Storm Bolter: 5pts each
  • Rogue Tech-Priest may take:
    • Boltgun: 1pt
    • Power Sword, Power Maul, or Power Axe: 10pts
    • Combi-Melta, Combi-Flamer, or Combi-Plasma: 10pts
    • Plasma Gun: 15pts
    • Storm Bolter: 5pts

Fast Attack[edit]

Heavy Support[edit]

Lords of War[edit]


Optimus Prime[edit]