Codex - Adepta Sororitas: /tg/ 7th Edition

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This page is for the outdated 7th edition ruleset. For up-to-date 8th edition rules, head over to /tg/ Codex Supplement - Faith Militant.

What's All This Then?[edit]

An anon challenged /tg/ to "give the Sisters a full, fun, and profitable update without changing the aesthetic or making them worse Space Marines." Naturally, /tg/ obliged. This led to the creation of Codex: Adepta Sororitas: /tg/ 7th Edition. While it's true that there is already a /tg/ Sisters of Battle codex (which you can find here), that one was made with the goal of bringing the old Witch Hunters codex to 6th edition, whereas this one was made to update the 6th edition Adepta Sororitas codex.

What Does This Update Include?[edit]

Where Can I Get It?[edit]

A Comprehensive List of Changes from the 6th Edition Codex[edit]

As stated at the beginning of this article, this document was specifically made to enhance and update Sisters without removing any of the things that made them unique. While several changes were made, the main differences between this fandex and the official 6th edition codex can be boiled down to the following. Firstly, this is a dedicated anti-psyker army. More than just having Adamantium Will, Sisters don't have to use Warp Charges when Denying the Witch and can deny any power with a single roll of 5+. Some units or formations give even stronger bonuses to this. Secondly, The army's tactical flexibility has been substantially increased. In addition to being able to take vehicles in squads and the addition of new units, several rules and wargear options were changed to improve internal balance. It's much easier to build a diverse army where each unit compliments each other, rather than being forced to focus on a few units. The addition of more formations also means that players have significantly more options in creating their army than before. Thirdly, and perhaps most importantly, one of the main focuses in the creation of this codex was on balance. While this is meant to be a serious option for Sisters players who want the update GW won't give them, it's also meant to be a fun army to play against. It has been subjected to extensive playtesting in a variety of scenarios, as well as receiving input from several players of different backgrounds. This is especially important, as being a fandex, your opponents have to actually agree to allow you to use it.

Changes to Existing Units[edit]

  • Canonesses can now be upgraded to Canoness Superiors, which gives more WS and Attacks as well as Fearless.
  • Canonesses can now take Relic Armor (2+ armor save), and/or a Jump Pack.
  • Celestian Squads have been changed to something more closely resembling a Sternguard Veteran Squad. Their new Act of Faith, Wrath of the Righteous, gives them +1 to all To Wound and Armor Penetration rolls. They can also take Relic Armor, giving them a 2+ armor save.
  • Repentias now have Feel No Pain by default.
  • Ecclesiarchy Battle Conclaves have been split up, so you can bring Arco-flagellants, Crusaders, and Death Cult Assassins individually. Unlike Imperial Agents, these units have been given rules allowing them to be good on their own.
  • Seraphim now receive a 5++ save from Shield of Faith rather than a re-rollable 6++. Additionally, they can take two Inferno Pistols for 20 points instead of 30. Seraphim Superiors can take any power weapon, not just power swords.
  • Immolators can be deployed in squads of up to three.
  • Exorcists are now divided into two categories; Prioris-pattern and Sanctorum-pattern. The Prioris-pattern Exorcists are the classic pipe-organ tanks and can now be taken in squads of three. Sanctorum-pattern Exorcists are the Forge World ones, and they now serve as anti-air tanks.
  • Penitent Engines are now Monstrous Creatures. Instead of Unstoppable, they have Killing Machine, which gives them temporary extra attacks when they suffer wounds.

New Units[edit]


  • Palatines: Essentially a weaker Canoness with fewer wargear options that is 30 points cheaper. Palatines have the Hand of the Emperor Act of Faith, which gives their unit Furious Charge for a turn.
  • Living Saint: An expensive, extremely customizable unit that can be outfitted with the best equipment and Acts of Faith in the codex. Like St. Celestine, they all come with Eternal Warrior and Saintly Blessings and allow you to bring Venerable Ecclesiarchy Relics.
  • Arch-Confessor Kyrinov: Similar to his 5e incarnation, but with a Warlord trait giving him Fear and the Master Manipulator rule, allowing you to force your opponent to discard one of their tactical objectives once per game.


  • Frateris Militia Squad: Conscripts. Use them to tarpit or provide fire support.


  • Hospitallers: 1-3 Hospitallers may be chosen as a single Elites choice. They are deployed as a single choice, but do not need to be placed together and operate independently during the game. Their Act of Faith, Divine Ministration, allows their unit to re-roll Feel No Pain rolls.
  • Chevaliers: Heavily armored ex-Repentias on bikes and armed with power lances. Completely devastating on the charge, but expensive, and vulnerable to tarpitting.

Fast Attack[edit]

  • Mortia Squads: Repentias on bikes. They have Frag and Krak Grenades, Melta bombs, and a bike that makes their Hammer of Wrath S6 AP2. Their Act of Faith, Martyr's Gift, allows them to explode in the enemy's face when they die in melee, dealing D3 S4 AP5 hits.
  • Dominator Gunship: A tranport-gunship with Strafing Run and Vector Dancer. Can be used to transport a small unit of sisters to an objective or provide fire support, relying on Vector Dancer to keep it's short-ranged weaponry in range.

Heavy Support[edit]

  • Repressor: Not technically a new unit, save for the fact that it's part of the main codex now rather than being delegated to Imperial Armour. Different from its original incarnation in that it has the Assault Vehicle rule and can be deployed in squads of up to three.
  • Sanctorum-pattern Exorcist: Using the Forge World Exorcists model, these now serve as anti-air tanks.

Changes to Existing Formations[edit]

  • Angelic Host: No longer an Apocalypse-only formation. Now consists of 0-1 Canoness, Palatine, Living Saint, or St. Celestine and 2-5 Seraphim.
  • Repentant Host: No longer an Apocalypse-only formation. Now consists of 3-6 Ecclesiarchy Battle Conclaves (so long as they consist entirely of Arco-Flagellants), Mortia Squads, Repentia Squads, and/or Penitent Engines.
  • Ecclesiarchy Battle Conclave (Imperial Agents): Similar to it's official incarnation, but grants a +2 bonus to Look Out, Sir! rolls.

New Formations[edit]

  • Sororitas Preceptory: The SoB Decurion. Allows your Warlord to re-roll their trait and allows units to use two Acts of Faith per game instead of just one.
  • Sororitas Mission: The standard SoB detachment. Consists entirely of Sisters, no priests or other boys allowed.
  • Exorcist Congregation: Exorcist formation designed for killing tanks and monstrous creatures.
  • Faithful Throng: All the Ecclesiarchy units in the codex come together to wreck shit in melee.
  • Heresy Suppression Force: Repressor formation designed to make them even better for blitzkrieg.
  • Purgation Squadron: Line-breaking formation consisting of Dominions and Retributors.
  • Righteous Lance: Another line-breaking formation consisting of Mortias and Chevaliers.
  • Sacred Retribution Wing: Dominator Gunship formation. Designed for sweeping and clearing objectives.
  • Sanctus Bellator Strike Team: Spec ops sisters! A Palatine and Celestian squad with access to more wargear than usual who can deep strike and murder all of the things.
  • Witch-Hunter Task Force: A Priest and some Celestians who are good at killing psykers (and the blobs that protect them) and can Deny the Witch with a 3+.
  • Witch-Hunter Conclave: The only one that's not part of the Sororitas Preceptory. A War Convocation-esque formation designed around the 3rd edition Witch-Hunters codex.

Rule Changes[edit]

  • Shield of Faith: Still grants Adamantium Will and a 6++ invuln. Additionally, units with this rule can choose to Deny the Witch using 6e rules, meaning they don't use Warp Charges, and can deny any power on a single roll of 5+. This can be further increased via certain formations or rules.
  • Instead of giving nearby friendly units Stubborn, the Inspiring Orator Warlord Trait now means that all friendly SoB within 12" use the Warlord's Ld for Fear, Morale, or Pinning tests.
  • There's a whole host of new rules and Acts of Faith that are exclusive to Living Saints.

Existing Wargear Changes[edit]

  • Vehicles are no longer restricted to just taking Storm Bolters; there's a Vehicle Weapons List that allows them to take Flamers and Meltaguns as well.
  • Exorcist Missile Launchers are now called Prioris Missile Launchers.
  • Inferno Pistols are now 10 points instead of 15.
  • Neural Whip rules have been changed substantially. For starters, they are now part of the Melee Weapons list. Additionally, instead of giving Shred against units with ≤Ld8, it lowers their initiative by D3. Finally, it now has the Quickstrike rule, meaning that the user gains +2 Initiative with the weapon.
  • The Mace of Valaan is now in the hands of Kyrinov where it belongs; it's no longer in the Ecclesiarchy Relics list

New Wargear[edit]

  • Hurricane Bolters, Inferno Cannons, and Melta Cannons have all been ported over from Space Marines and Astra Militarum.
  • Sanctorum Missile Launcher: A skyfire version of the Exorcist Missile Launcher that fires D3 shots instead of D6.
  • Trinity Weaponry: Filling the niche of anti-TEQ/MEQ weapons for SoB, these weapons have a lower strength than Plasma, but have a chance to cause significantly more damage.
  • Flaming Braziers: Those fire-maces that Canonesses are always drawn with. Basically a Power Mace with Soul Blaze.
  • Sororitas Bikes: Just a standard bike, but allows for the fielding of mounted HQs.
  • Cherubim, which come in several varieties and can be used to buff characters similarly to Ork Runts and Squigs. They can be taken by any character.
  • Carapace, Flak, and Improvised Armors have been ported into the codex.
  • Relic Armor: Confers a 2+ armor save.
  • Fire Pipes: This Vehicle-only upgrade functions identically to Astra Militarum Fire Barrels, but with Blind.
  • The Sceptre of Grace: A new Ecclesiarchy Relic based on Helena the Virtuous' laser mace from 2nd edition.